These Bowls Are Good For Your Pet And The Planet

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Image courtesy of Clean Healthy Pets

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* Disposable options limit the spread of bacteria and germs
* Non-toxic and compostable, these bowls leave a minimal environmental footprint
* Ideal for road trips, vacations or pet sitting

It can be hard to keep a pet bowl clean, but disposable options leave a huge environmental footprint. These Clean Healthy Bowls disposable pet bowls are compostable, making them environmentally friendly and pet-safe. By using disposable options, you can save clean-up time while reducing the spread of bacteria and germs, keeping your pet and your home healthy.

clean healthy pet bowls Image courtesy of Amazon

The bowls are made of materials that are allergen-free, gluten-free and non-toxic, while also solid and sturdy so they don’t crumble and fall apart. The bowls can either be used as a lining for your existing pet bowl, or on their own. Once your pet has finished eating, pick the bowl up with the attached handles and dispose of it in the compost or trash. One and a half inches deep, they can hold two thirds of a cup of liquid, or about the size of an average can of pet food, making them usable by both dog and cat lovers alike.

They come in packs of 72, wrapped in plastic casing, making them easy to store and pull out when needed. Ideal for road trips or vacations when you’re bringing the pet along, they’re also great when you’re pet-setting, or if you just need an easy pet bowl alternative at home.

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