7 Secret Places To Stash Your Jewelry and Valuables

diversion safe jewelry valuables
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* Keeping your valuables safe is important business whether at home or away
* These diversion safes keep your belongings hidden and out of sight
* Products include converted cleaning products, water bottles and books

If you are like most people, the thought of having your belongings stolen is a genuine nightmare. Not only does it give you the horrible feeling of being violated, it also means you are without whatever was taken. In the case of passports, money and important documents, this is often more of a logistical problem, while jewelry and other prized possessions leave a more sentimental loss.

Granted, there is no guaranteed way to ensure your belongings are never stolen. But, there are certainly some steps you can take to make it a lot more difficult. One such step is keeping your important belongings out of sight.

This selection of smart places to stash your valuables includes items capable of hiding them in plain sight. For example, a water bottle with a secret compartment allows you to store your items safely and keep them on you without others being aware of what’s inside. While at home, hollowed out cleaning products are a smart way to keep things hidden.

Check out these 7 secret places to stash your important belongings.

1. AmazonBasics Book Safe

Is there a more inconspicuous place to store your most prized possessions than in an English dictionary? Granted, in movies it may be a commonly favored cliche, but in reality, a thief is more likely to leave your books on the bookshelf untouched. This AmazonBasics Book Safe is completed with a fabric cover and spine to ensure it looks right at home between your other books. When you open the dictionary, you’ll find a key-locked interior storage space, which is large enough for documents, jewelry, cash and other smaller possessions.

diversion safe book dictionary Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Southern Housewares Hair Brush Diversion Safe

A smart way to keep your belongings safe whether you’re at home or away is this Southern Housewares Diversion Safe. The safe has the appearance of an everyday hairbrush and even functions like one, too. The end of the brush can be removed to reveal a cylindrical storage space, which is the ideal size for keeping cash, important notes and even USB flash drives.

diversion safe hair brush Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Office Supply Store Ajax Can Diversion Container

Crafted from genuine Ajax cans, these Office Supply Store containers are the perfect place to hide your belongings in plain sight. Inside the removable cap, there is enough space for money, documents, coins and other tube-sized belongings. You can rest assured that no one is going to be checking inside your powder cleanser. In addition, as they are genuine, they are also the same weight and exact size of the normal cans to complete the illusion.

diversion safe ajax can Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Ace Case Hanger Hideaway

Another great option for securely storing your belongings at home or on the move is the Ace Case Hanger Hideaway. This smart hanger hangs from any normal coat rack and can be surrounded by jackets or coats to keep it hidden from unwelcome eyes. It’s a useful size for keeping passports, money, wide documents and even a firearm. The interior is also lightly padded while surrounded by a heavy-duty exterior.

diversion safe hanger portable Image courtesy of Amazon


5. AmazonBasics Portable Security Case

A more conventional way of keeping your valuables safe, this AmazonBasics Security Case can easily be used at home or away. It’s available in two sizes and comes in both padlock and combination lock versions. Also included with the security case is a tough wire that can be anchored to heavy objects to prevent the case from being removed. The safe itself sports a soft interior to keep your belongings in good shape. The tough outer case is also DOJ certified as being adequate for keeping a firearm and meets the TSA requirements for carrying unloaded weapons in checked luggage.

diversion safe portable valuables Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Suave Hairspray Safe

The Suave Hairspray Safe is another concealing container converted from the original product. It possesses both the weight and exact look of the genuine product to fully convince onlookers of its hairspray-filled function. The removable bottom can be unscrewed to reveal a cylinder storage space, which is large enough for jewelry, money, keys, documents and more.

diversion safe hair spray Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Stash-it Water Bottle Diversion Safe

An easy way to keep your belongings on you but out of sight is the Stash-it Water Bottle. It appears to onlookers as any normal, reusable water bottle and can actually be used to drink from, too. The top lid is water tight and is used just like any other bottle. However, unlike your average bottle, the bottom unscrews to reveal a 2.5 inch high and 2.5 inch wide space for keeping your valuables out of sight. It’s a great item for the gym, the beach or anytime you are traveling away from home.

diversion safe water bottle Image courtesy of Amazon


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