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This Ladder Stabilizer is a Safety Must-Have You’ll Want to Have For DIY Home Repairs

* The handy device provides a stable platform for your ladder
* It can be used inside or outside and can be put together in under 2 minutes
* It’s ideal for extra safety during handy work around the house or in the yard

If you’ve ever been up a ladder on a windy day or experienced the breathtaking shock of feeling your ladder base shift unexpectedly, you’ll know an unstable ladder is something preferably avoided. And while a second, stabilizing pair of hands is a great way of preventing unwanted shake or slipping, it does turn a one-man job into one that requires two. That is unless you have the Ladder Lockdown Ladder Stabilizer.

Designed by a painting company owner who was all too used to seeing the dangers of unstabilized ladders in action, this handy device provides all the stability you need under your ladder inside or outside. The heavy-duty platform is made from steel with non-slip rubber grips, which are ideal for keeping it in place on a range of surfaces including concrete, hardwood, tile and more.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

In addition to the rubber feet, the ladder stabilizer also comes with other handy options, like the ground staples, which keep you stable on softer surfaces like grass and gravel. The kit also includes ice skates, which provide stability when you’re on snowy or icy grounding.

Furthermore, the Ladder Lockdown Ladder Stabilizer also comes with a handy carrying handle, a CAM nylon buckle strap to keep the ladder anchored down when you’re up high and a nylon bag for storing all the additional accessories.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

The ladder stabilizer is capable of providing support for extension ladders up to 32 feet and A-frame ladders up to 6 feet. These heights are plenty big enough for the average DIY and yard jobs. The stabilizer is also simple to put together and ready to provide a stable platform for your ladder in under 2 minutes.

So if you’re a DIY-er or keen gardener looking to reduce your likelihood of an accident, (and who isn’t?) it’s definitely worth investing in this innovative ladder stabilizer to give you greater confidence when you’re heading up high.


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