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Make Marie Kondo Proud With These Document Organizers

There have been studies that indicate that there may be some truth behind the expression “cluttered desk, clear mind.” And many of the most brilliant creatives in history had messy workspaces. But frankly, that approach just doesn’t work for everyone. If you have to spend fifteen minutes searching for a document, you’re certainly not helping your productivity. After all, one man’s organized chaos is another man’s just plain chaos. So if staying organized is important to you, or you’re looking to get organized, a good place to start is with a document organizer.

Even though you probably do most of your work at a computer, there’s a good chance you have some important documents lying around that you may need to reference or keep on hand. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best document organizers on Amazon. These include folders that are meant to be taken on the go, allowing you to keep your documents close by whether you’re commuting to work or you’re heading to a meeting. This list also includes a safe storage solution for your most important documents, plus a convenient organizer for your desk. These are the ones to get.

1. Smead Poly Expanding File Folder

If you’re looking for a basic option you can take on the go, this expanding folder from Smead is a simple and dependable option. It has a flap closure with an elastic clasp for easily opening and closing it. There are 12 sleeves inside the folder, giving you ample organization opportunities. The internal sleeves are transparent, making it easier to see your documents, and the sleeves have tabs for adding labels. The textured poly outer makes the folder easy to hold.

Pros: 12 internal organizers for documents. Customizable tabs. Made from a water-resistant poly material.

Cons: Elastic closure could be more durable.

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2. SentrySafe 1170 Fireproof Box

If you have a lot of important business or personal documents that you need kept safe and accessible, then this lockbox from SentrySafe is a great pick. It’s fireproof, and it has a simple key-lock closure to keep your documents safe. It also works well as an organizer — it’s designed to accommodate hanging file folders so you can easily find whatever documents you need.

Pros: Secure fireproof box. Accommodates hanging file folders. Secure key lock.

Cons: Hanging file folders not included.

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3. Simple Houseware 6 Trays Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer

If you’re looking for a way to clear the clutter from your desk while still keeping letters, documents and other papers close at hand, this metal file organizer is a good idea. The organizer has six shelves, including a tall lower level. This lower level is a great place to store desk essentials like notepads and calculators. The other trays tilt upward, giving you easy access while ensuring that the documents won’t slip off.

Pros: Slanted shelves make the documents easy to reach but secure, large lower tray for desk essentials. Available in a two-pack as well.

Cons: Not ideal for too many documents.

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