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Paw Patrol: How to Protect Your Pet’s Paws This Winter

* Protect your dog’s paws from the cold, snow or rain
* Try different booties based on your dog’s size
* For paws damaged by weather, save yourself a trip to the vet with paw wax

As temperatures drop, it’s important to keep your dog warm this winter. We’ve found five ways to protect your puppy’s paws through rain, snow, and below-freezing weather.

1. URBEST Detachable Closure Puppy Dog Shoes

This cute pair of dog shoes will have your pup looking his or her winter best. Available in sizes from XXS to M, you can pick the best fit for your pup. And, the detachable closure makes them easy to get on and off.


2. PAWZ Dog Boots

Each order includes a pack of twelve disposable waterproof dog boots. They’re made of natural, stretchy rubber, they slip on easily, and they help protect your dog’s delicate paws from the rain or snow.

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Image Courtesy of Petco[/caption]


3. Paw Nectar 100% Organic and Natural Paw Wax

This fast-acting wax is designed to heal up your dog’s paw pain or chafing, saving you a trip to the vet. It’s made of 100% natural ingredients, making it the more environmentally conscious choice.


4. Petacc Water Resistant Dog Boots

Made of  water-resistant material, these boots help keep snow and rain out, and they’re designed with skid-resistant soles that help your dog maintain a firm footing while walking on icy sidewalks. Ever stylish, they’re also embroidered with a fun, yellow paw print.

[caption id="attachment_98842" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Petac dog boots Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]