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Forget Going to the Groomers, Care for Your Pet’s Coat at Home

* Multifunctional pet grooming set to keep your pooch looking its best
* Carry-friendly size still provides a powerful airflow
* Insulated design minimizes noise for sensitive pets

Keep your pets looking purr-fect with this

from Best Choice Products. Delivering fast flowing air through a range of grooming tools, you’ll be able to take the lead in caring for your pet’s coat and forgo any expensive grooming costs.

The Best Choice Pet Groomer is designed for easy transport, which makes it an ideal investment for dog groomers who are often on the move. Although small in size, the dryer doesn’t lose any suction, and the 2800W device delivers constant power throughout use.

Furthermore, you’ll have a range of grooming tools to choose from while using this dog dryer. Each fulfills a specific grooming function. Whether you want to dry, comb or clean your pet, there is a suitable head for every job.

The central vacuum has also been insulated to help minimize the amount of noise produced by the groomer during use. This is an ideal feature for nervous and noise-sensitive pets.

In addition, the device has been fitted with dual mounting legs to allow you to use the vacuum in both upright and horizontal configurations. Tight spaces won’t be an issue.

With its combination of powerful suction and travel-friendly size, the Best Choice Pet Groomer is an easy way to speed up drying time after your dog or cat’s next water-filled adventure or bath.

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