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Whether In An Earthquake or Fire, Your Pet Needs a First Aid Kit, Too

The last thing you want on your weekly hike with your dog is to be unprepared. The

is a pocket-sized kit that contains everything you need to be ready for any basic first aid emergencies that may come your way. It’s not just for hikes either – a pet first aid kit comes in handy for any event, from natural disasters to fires to unplanned emergencies.

Housed in a small, zippable bag, the pet first aid kit contains a range of medical items to help you deal when your dog sustains an injury or needs a sanitary clean up. These items allow you to deal with minor injuries onsite, helping to prevent your pet from suffering until you can see your veterinarian.

At 92 grams, this lightweight orange pouch can easily attach to your dog’s leash, your belt loops or a backpack using the built-in carabiner. The kit is made from a durable fabric and its bright orange color means you’ll always be able to spot it easily.

Inside the eye-catching orange pouch, you’ll find a whole range of items for dealing with basic injuries your dog may sustain. These pieces include latex gloves, first aid tape with gauze and a bandage roll, antiseptic wipes and an elastic bandage. There’s also extra space in the 5.5″ x 4.5″ pouch for your dog treats, disposable bags and even your house keys and phone.

This pack isn’t just for walks either. It works great as a back-up kit around the house or in the car to perhaps prevent any minor injury from becoming an expensive vet bill. And for under $15, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.