The Best Gift for the Dog Lover in Your Life

dog gift pet emblazing toaster Pangea

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* Quirky toaster for creating breakfast with the silhouette of your favorite dog breed
* Includes adjustable setting for toasted level of choice
* Choose from a range of breeds including bulldog, terrier, lab and poodle

If you or someone you know can’t get enough of your dog, this quirky toaster might just be the perfect gift to make breakfast feel a little more complete. Whether you or your friend love poodles, greyhounds or collies, there is a dog silhouette emblazing toaster to make your food fun.

With a choice of 13 different dog breeds as well as an, “I love my dog” print, you’ll be able to find a dog toaster to fit your fancy. This way, you can enjoy delicious dog breed-adorned toast for every meal.

dog gift pet emblazing toaster Pangea Brands

If you have a friend who can’t be apart from their chihuahua, or kids who can’t eat without the family terrier by their side, this toaster makes an ideal and fun gift for any occasion.

dog gift pet emblazing toaster Pangea Brands

And this Pangea Brands item is not just a one dimensional toaster either. You can toast up to 2 pieces of bread at a time. You can also choose the degree to which want your bread toasted using the adjustable dial, allowing individual taste to be catered to.

dog gift pet emblazing toaster Pangea Brands

Each jet black toaster includes a side logo with a dog breed picture and name. This piece of artwork matches the dog that will be emblazoned on your bread. More than two dozen design options are available.

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