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Stop Worrying About Your Dog – Get Them a Smart Collar

* Sophisticated collar that can find your lost dog
* Can also track your dog’s activity levels and temperature
* Fashionable design with a comfortable fit to keep your pet happy

As a dog owner, there are few things worse than finding out that your pet has gone missing. The dismay and worry of not knowing where they are or whether they are okay is nearly unbearable. Now you can prevent this nightmare with the Link AKC Smart Collar. An award-winning product, this clever collar allows you to find your missing pooch in no time.

The collar boasts a removable tracker that uses a GPS tracking system, smartphone connected technology (via the free Link AKC app) and a monthly subscription service to track your dog. It also allows you to create safe zones. If your pet ever steps outside of these zones, you will automatically receive a notification on your phone.

The monthly subscription starts at just over six dollars a month and provides you with a warranty on the tracking unit, free size upgrades as your dog grows and access to the Pet Helpline.

As winner of the CES 2017 Best Of Innovation award, the Link AKC also sports several other features, such as allowing you to monitor your dog’s activity levels and keep a scrapbook of special adventures you’ve had with your pet.

The intelligent sensor, which attaches to the fashionable collar, can also be set to detect specific temperature ranges to alert you if the environment gets too hot or cold for your dog. You’ll also find a remote controlled built-in light so that you can see exactly where your dog is in the darkness.

The Link AKC provides peace of mind when it comes to your beloved pet. Whether you have a dog who just can’t stay out of trouble or a pooch who prefers to live indoors, it’s always better to know that if the worst happens, you’ll be able to find them.

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