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The Igloo-Style Pad For Discerning Dogs (and Dog Owners)

* Igloo-inspired design
* Insulated with bacterial-fighting Microban
* Available in three sizes to fit most dogs

While we tuck into our beds at night, we can rest assured that our four-legged friends are sleeping comfortably as well. Whether it’s their nightly sleeping pad, or they need a place to go when it rains or gets too cold, the Petmate Indigo Dog House is sure to be your pet pooch’s favorite spot. Insulated with Microban, an antimicrobial technology that prevents odor, the igloo-styled dog house stays fresh longer – and holds up better – than traditional doggy beds. Microban fights off any encroaching mold, bacteria and mildew that would otherwise cause dog houses to deteriorate.

Made in the USA, the Petmate Indigo Dog House is super heavy duty, and comes in various sizes to fit every type of dog (or cat). The medium-sized house is built to hold a pup between 25 and 50 pounds; the large is for dogs between 50 and 90 pounds. The extra-large will fit a dog between 90 and 125 pounds.

The dog pad is water repellent so that even during the most rain and snow, your pooch will stay safe and warm. Built-in roof ventilation allows for continual air flow.

Unlike flat-top dog houses, the circular design of the igloo allows big dogs to stretch out and move around freely. An accompanying door shuts easily and keeps your pooch safe from wind, rain and snow.

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