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Get An Insanely Cute Picture of Your Dog With This Selfie Stick

* First smartphone accessory designed to improve photos of your dog
* Attaches to top of your phone and includes squeaky ball to grab attention
* A portion of each sale is donated to help dogs in need

Dogs are notoriously bad at selfies — catching your dog’s attention and having them sit still long enough to take a nice photo is a real challenge. But the Pooch Selfie is about to change everything, allowing you to take a truly Instagram-worthy photo of you and your favorite pet.

This easy-to-use smartphone attachment is a wonderful solution to the pet photo problem. Each Pooch Selfie device comes with one smartphone attachment and a removable, squeaking ball. Simply slide the attachment onto the top of your phone and insert the ball into the attachment.

Then, use the colorful toy to catch your dog’s attention. When he or she is standing at the ready, snap the photo, capturing your pooch’s super cute face forever. If you’re having trouble holding your pet’s interest, give the ball a couple of playful squeaks. And when you’re finished, you can even throw the ball as a reward to your dog for a job well done.

The Pooch Selfie is compatible with both Apple and Samsung phones as well as most third-party cases. It also allows clearances at both the front and rear-facing cameras, so you can snap normal photos or selfies depending on the mood.

Perhaps the best part of buying a Pooch Selfie is that a portion of the proceeds are

, allowing you to help other dogs in need.

There’s nothing as brilliant as a good pup portrait. Up your dog’s selfie game with this original dog selfie stick.

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