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Yes, Dog Shoes Are a Thing. No, You’re Not Weird For Getting Your Pup a Pair

* A range of doggy footwear for every possible occasion
* Includes rain boots, beach sandals and around-the-house socks
* A great way to pamper and protect the paws of your family dog

You wouldn’t leave the house without putting shoes on, so why should your dog? Dog shoes can serve a variety of functions, from keeping a comfortable barrier between paws and the chilly/scorching ground, to simply turning your pup into the most fashionable dog on the block. No matter which way you slice it, dog footwear is in. In our hand-picked list of doggy footwear, you’ll find a pair of shoes for every occasion – even socks for lounging around the house.

1. Harukokoro Dog Denim Sneakers

These denim shoes are great for showing others that your dog is as fashion-aware as you are. They’re also ideal for creating a matching look between pet-owner and dog when paired with human converse shoes.

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2. Good2GO Rain or Shine Pink Silicone Dog Boots

There are few things better than donning a pair of rubber boots and jumping through puddles. And now you can take your dog with you. These silicone dog boots are an easy way to keep your pooch’s paws dry, and they are available in a variety of vibrant colors.

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3. Oakley Socks for Dogs

With sizes to fit almost every dog, these Oakley socks mean your pet can experience the rest and relaxation of a day lounging about in a pair of socks. The colorful foot covers also provide extra grip on slippery floors for your pooch with a silicone swirl on the soles.

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4. Paw Protector Summer Shoes

Available in either light pink or light blue, these fashionable sandals give plenty of protection  against hot pavements for your dog’s feet while providing an eye-catching yet breezy look. The velcro ankle straps and anti-slip soles also ensure your dog enjoys maximum comfort.

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5. Shining Diamond Snow Boots

Your pup can still look fashionable even in the cold weather with these diamond-adorned snow boots. Available in a choice of pink or blue, this flashy footwear is made especially for smaller dogs and puppies. In addition, it features a fluffy collar and padded inside to make sure your pooch’s feet fit snugly inside.


6. Rugged Water Resistant Dog Shoes

One of the best tools for keeping your dog’s paws protected in any weather, the Rugged Water Resistant Dog Shoes feature an anti-slip sole and a reflective ankle band to keep your dog visible at night. Whether you’re out in sub zero temps or a pavement-burning summer day, these dog shoes will keep your pooch safe.

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