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No More Wet Walks: 5 Ways To Keep Your Pets Dry In The Rain

* Umbrellas, ponchos, booties, and more
* Keep your pup dry and your home clean
* Walk your dogs comfortably in any weather condition

Spring showers are still in full swing for many parts of the country. Even if it’s pouring outside, you still have to take your pooch out, which often results in wet paws mucking things up. Fortunately, there are some smart solutions for keeping your pet, your house and even your car dry and clean during wet weather conditions. Aside from that, these little dog coats and boots are sure to provide some adorable Instagram-worthy shots  as well.

1. Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot

Who wouldn’t want to see their dog in these little red boots? They’re adorable and they actually serve a purpose. These boots are made for walking…in rain, in snow and on hot surfaces. They’re re-usable, and they also help with allergies as they keep your pup from tracking in allergens and dust from their walk.


2. Topsung Dog Raincoat with Hood

Keep Fifi looking fiercely fashionable in this snazzy raincoat. It not only looks stylish, but it’s sure to protect your canine companion from the elements. The convenient carrying pouch attaches easily to your leash or can be kept in your backpack or bag.


3. Transparent Folding Puppy Umbrella

Protect your pup from the rain and snow with this folding umbrella with a built in leash. Because it’s transparent, your pooch can see where he’s going and you can see where he’s gone.


4. okdeals Waterproof Rain Jacket Poncho

Rain is great for the flowers, but not for your dog. This rain-repelling poncho has a reflective strip to keep your pet safe at night, a Velcro strip to keep the jacket in place and a handy back pocket to store other essentials. .


5. Waterproof Pet Car Seat Covers

Protect your car from wet pets with this hammock style seat cover. It comes with 2 dog seat belts to keep your pets safe, and helps keep their hair from getting all over the car. It’s also designed with pockets to provide extra storage for all of your pet needs while traveling. 

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