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Be Your Own Professional Mover By Investing in a Dolly

If you’ve ever had to move, you know how hard it can be. The emotional weight of leaving a place you’ve called home is its own dilemma that no product guide can help with. But we can at least help you with the physical part of moving (we can’t help in-person, we’re, uh, busy that weekend). One of the many things that are hard to deal with when it comes to moving is realizing you don’t have adequate supplies to get your stuff from one place to another. Stocking up on boxes of various sizes before you start moving is a must, and some companies offer rentals of reusable boxes. Another wise investment that will undoubtedly save you a lot of time, work, and shoulder pain is a dolly.

Dollies come in a range of different sizes, so you can find one that suits your moving needs. One popular option is called a hand truck, which is the upright kind that you prop up and roll at an angle. There are also cart dollies which are well suited for carrying large boxes and furniture.

Even if you’re not planning on moving for a while, there are a lot of benefits to owning, rather than renting a dolly. For one thing, being the guy with the dolly will have your friends owing you favors in no time. Whenever you do have to move again, it’ll be one less thing to worry about. And that weekend renovation project you’ve been putting off? Dollies will help you carry whatever supplies you need. With that in mind, these are some of the best dollies available right now.

1. Harper Trucks Hand Truck and Dolly

This dolly is a great option because it works as both a hand truck and a cart dolly. The handle can be removed and switched from hand truck to cart dolly configuration in a few seconds, so it’s a good option for times when you have to move items of various sizes. The dolly weighs less than 20 pounds, and it has a 400 pound carrying capacity.

Pros: Convertible design means it can be used as a hand truck or a cart dolly. Manufactured in the US.

Cons: Wheels are not the most durable.

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2. Push Cart Dolly by Wellmax

This cart dolly is a good option for when you need to move boxes and furniture. This cart dolly from Wellmax weighs 16 pounds and has a 35.8 inch x 35 inch bed, so it’s compact enough for personal use. The best thing about it is that it has a handle that can be folded down onto the bed, so you can load it into your trunk or put it away in a closet when not in use.

Pros: Large enough for carrying bigger boxes, but has a compact folding frame for easy storage when not in use.

Cons: 300 pound capacity is the lowest on this list, so it’s better suited for large but lightweight objects.

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3. Vestil Fiberwood Dolly

If you have things around the house or office that need to be moved around but are too heavy to carry, this flat dolly can be a good option. It has two hand holes, rather than an upright handle, so it’s a good compact option for moving things around or as a place to store heavy objects like printers, computer towers, and boxes.

Pros: Substantial 800 pound capacity, flat design makes it a good compact option.

Cons: Wheels can leave marks on some wood floors.

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