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SPY Guide: 6 Things to Help Get You Through The Trump Presidency

* Stress-relieving ideas and Trump-related gag gifts
* Seemingly rotating door comes on the heels of a shaky few years in office
* Here’s what you need to survive this administration

What a year. From an on-again, off-again relationship with North Korea (and Russia and… Canada?) to numerous leaks, denials and resignations from the White House, President Trump’s first few years in the office have been shaky at best. But there’s hope: 2020 is just around the corner, so citizens can utilize their right to vote and make a difference. In the meantime, there are also everyday hacks to help ease some of your stress, or find some humor (if you can) in the current administration situation.

If all that chaos has you feeling stressed, this list is for you. We rounded up a few items that could help keep your health (physical and mental) in check for the next year and change.

1. Meditation Guide

Master the art of meditation with this how-to guide. Available in MP3 format and streaming free with your Prime membership, Roberta Shapiro’s “Goodbye Worries” teaches you the basics of hypnosis/relaxation meditation, barrier meditation, relaxation meditation, and breath and music meditation. No matter what President Trump’s late night Twitter fit produces, you’ll have the tools to tune your mind and block his tweets out.

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2. Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

The classics still stand strong. The Hand Therapy Stress Ball is ideal to carry wherever you go. Just a few minutes of squeezing it will reduce nervous tension while stimulating your senses and increasing grip strength. The best part? It works no matter how tiny your hands are.

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Image courtesy Amazon


3. Trump Fidget Spinner

If you like to twiddle your thumbs all day without actually getting anything done, you need to really get it together and focus. Until then, get this Trump-themed fidget spinner to pass the time. The patriotic take on the popular toy features the Commander-in-Chief’s face at the center of an American flag. They say a lot of what’s happening in Washington is making our heads spin. Now you can (sorta) return the favor.

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4. Pharmaceutical Grade Melatonin

There’s been many a sleepless night ever since Trump ascended to power. Melatonin will help you get a good night’s rest without a groggy morning. This best-seller boasts some of the highest reviews on Amazon in the sleep aid category. Drift off quickly and wake up refreshed so that you’re ready to #Resist another day.

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5. POWER: Surviving and Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse

Endorsed by numerous mental health professionals, Shahida Arabi’s collection of essays will help you understand Donald Trump’s (undiagnosed) malignant narcissism and recover from (possibly) four years of emotional abuse by the highest office in the land. This book will teach you to overcome narcissistic abuse in all its forms, from pathological mind games and covert/overt put-downs to triangulation, gaslighting and projection.


6. Wine Home Delivery

Another insensitive remark? Another leaked report of collusion? Look, sometimes situations are so dire that you need a drink right away. Never be left dry again with a membership to the Wine of the Month Club. The club offers four different membership levels, from casual, bi-monthly deliveries, to more regular refreshes. Choose from white and reds, and your favorite tasting notes, too. The home delivery of wine also comes in handy for White House “fake news” drinking games too.

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Image courtesy of the Wine of the Month Club[/caption]

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