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Keep a Modernist Desk and Workspace With This Little White Barrel

* Modern and stylish basket-shaped holder
* Made from coiling and stitching rope
* Off-white and olive colorway goes with any room aesthetic

Staying tidy and clean is a popular New Year’s resolution, and we know that having a clean workspace makes us feel more at ease. Even more important: staying tidy and organized, which allows us to see where everything is, and to find the exact items when we need them.

Yet when it comes down to picking out necessities to help us stay organized, we’re usually stuck at a crossroads. It’s a challenge to find something that matches our style and is actually functional. Enter the Doug Johnston Little White Barrel.

Artist and product designer Doug Johnston studied architecture and studio art in school, and now works with his wife out of their studio in Brooklyn. He’s carved out a niche with his coiled rope pieces, all stitched on a vintage industrial zig-zag sewing machine.

This distinctive mini basket features an off-white and olive color-blocking design and it’s sure to be an upgrade from your current storage methods (shoebox, mug, plastic bag, etc).

It’s made with hand-coiled cotton cord, then stitched with firm sewing thread to help keep its shape. It’s sturdy enough that it won’t fall apart if you drop it, but it’s soft and flexible enough that it won’t dent either. At 5.75 inches in height, the Little Barrel can be used as a pen holder, mail holder, or miniature waste basket. You decide.

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