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Tired Of Delivery Drivers Tossing Your Package On The Ground? Get Them To Put Packages In This $39 “Hanging Sack” Instead

* DropSak protects your packages from weather damage and theft
* It attaches directly to your door, with no installation required
* The durable nylon outer layer is slash proof

Winter is now in full swing, which means everything must battle against the elements- including your mail. While few mail boxes are big enough to house all your Amazon goodies, you don’t want them abandoned on your doorstep, at risk from the weather or potential package thieves. DropSak offers a solution for this- a sturdy, waterproof container that can attach directly to your door. No installation is required, you can simply hang it over your door by using the hanging straps that feature steel cables within them. This also means that if you don’t like the appearance, you can choose to only hang it when you know you’re expecting a package.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

The outer layer is made of 1600D ballistic Nylon, which is both tear and slash proof, so no one can carve their way into your packages. If you’re worried about someone trying to remove the entire DropSak when you’re out and your door is shut, the designers have added two flat metal hooks to make this virtually impossible. The combination lock holding the lid securely shut means that only you get to choose who is able to open your DropSak.

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