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Keeping it Together: 9 Craziest Duct Tape Styles for Unusual Adhesive Flair

* Who wants to open up a boring-looking birthday present?
* Decorating your wallet or gift for a special someone has never been more fun
* Here are 9 of the craziest duct tape styles to help you embrace your silly side

We all know the plain, transparent Scotch tape that binds things together but you keep in your storage closet to avert from potential onlookers due to its dull appearance. But wouldn’t it make for a more amusing decorative statement to add some flair to your duct tape? Here are 9 of the craziest styles we could find off Amazon to take your gift-wrapping to the next level.

1. Blue Leopard

Take a walk on the wild side with this jungle-inspired duct tape. While a blue-and-purple-spotted leopard might not be a sight you’d see every day, that’s what whimsy is for.


2. Rubber Duckies

Rubber duckie, you’re the one — in duct tape form, that is. We love our yellow bath pals, but there’s always room for chevron and heart-patterned friends, too. Get all three motifs with this roll.


3. Mustache

Hipsters sport mustaches as a personal choice, so why not make your duct tape stand out from the crowd? Maybe the mustache works as the facial hair your plain Scotch tape never knew it needed.


4. Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Want to spout your love of the good old mac all the time but have run out of ways to express your fixation? Now there’s even mac ‘n’ cheese duct tape to decorate your lunch box storing, what else but your cheesy mac, obviously.

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5. Musical Notes

Sure, musicians see systems and bars on their sheet music in order to perform Tchaikovsky’s “

” but what if they want to wrap up a new bow to give to their violinist concertmaster? Naturally, duct tape clad with musical notes is the answer for wrapping up such a thoughtful gift.


6. Unicorn

Unicorns are everywhere lately (Starbucks frappuccino menu anyone?). And what better way to tape a unicorn horn to your headband than with duct tape replete with rainbows and said fanciful creatures? It makes a great border for art and decorating projects, too.


7. Cat with Glasses

We all know cats are the sassiest pets out there. So, of course, you would expect the most likely accessory for your housebroken friend to be glasses, in order for them to dip them forward and give you that knowing look for eating all the cookies in the Oreo box when you both know you were only supposed to have six. (Also: healthier snacking options this way).


8. Gummy Bears


, gummy bears are not just for kids. But you can definitely use this gummy bear duct tape to wrap up your goodie bags for your kid’s next birthday party, filled with all the gummy bears a 5-year-old could want.


9. Flamingo

Black totes are such old news. The new trend is to decorate your bag with flamingo-patterned duct tape in the shape of an actual flamingo. Everyone at work will wonder where you got your one-of-a-kind bag, and how will you reply? That’s up to you if you want to spread the word on your duct-taping prowess.

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