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These $3 Dude Wipes Are Made to Clean Your Nether Regions on the Go

* Flushable and biodegradable
* Convenient for travel uses
* More efficient and less wasteful than paper wipes

No butts about it, these unscented, flushable wipes may be the future of down-there hygiene. The “Dude Wipes” (yes, that’s actually their brand name), were apparently created as a rebellion against toilet paper. Well, it makes sense, we suppose. Toilet paper is, after all, dry, scratchy, inefficient and wasteful. And perhaps most importantly, these hypoallergenic wipes claim to simply do a better job cleaning the crevasse.

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Made with aloe and Vitamin E, they soothe rather than scratch, and they leave your butt feeling like it got the royal treatment, as befits one who sits upon a throne. Another great idea from Dude Wipes is the fact that they’re packaged in individual sets for travel.

Keeping yourself clean on the go has never been easier. Well, you could be in one of those countries where they actually use bidets, but, if not, Dude Wipes just may be the way to go. It should also be noted: There’s nothing inherently gender-specific about these wipes. Seems like people of all genders might want a smoother, more efficient alternative to standard paper goods.


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