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Stay Powered Up With a 28-Pack of Duracell Batteries for an Insanely Low Price

If you want to make it through the worst inflation in a generation, then you’ll need to develop smarter shopping habits. In days gone by, that might have meant clipping coupons or shopping BOGO deals. In 2022, it means keeping a close eye on sites like Amazon for random deals and everyday savings. These kinds of boring household purchases may not satisfy that retail therapy itch, but if you were going to buy these items eventually anyway, then you’re leaving money on the table if you ignore these discounts.

Amazon is currently running a great deal on a 28-pack of Duracell AA Batteries, selling them for only $13 for a limited time. This deal reduces the price of 28 Duracell AA batteries by 41%, bringing them from $22.54 down to $13.29 — only $0.47 per battery.

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Courtesy of Walmart

Just how good is this deal? The exact same product is selling for two to three times as much at other retailers today:

AA batteries are always good to have on hand for major home devices like smoke detectors, remote controls, flashlights and other portable electronic devices. Even if most of your devices use rechargeable batteries, these serve as an amazing option to fall back on in the case of an emergency.

Not everything can be recharged, even in 2022. With this savings, you’ll have a nice stockpile of reliable batteries to prevent ever hearing that annoying chirping sound from your smoke alarm or throwing your remote control across the room when you realize it’s dead and you’re out of AA. And having batteries on hand just feels like a very adult thing to do.

As one of the largest brands in the business, Duracell comes backed by real results and years of dependable, high-quality coppertop batteries. If brand recognition isn’t enough, check out some of the 25,000+ near-perfect ratings they’ve garnered on Amazon, and you’ll quickly see that these are some of the best AA batteries for everyday use.

This is a savings you won’t want to pass up. It’s unclear how long this $13 AA battery deal will last, so be sure to act soon.


Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries, 28 Pack

Duracell Coppertop alkaline batteries offer enough long-lasting power for all of your electronic devices. These all-purpose alkaline batteries are guaranteed to last 10 years in storage, so they’ll always be ready for action whenever you need them the most. With this order, you’ll receive 28 batteries that can be used for toys, emergency radios, small electronics and more.

Pick up a pack (or two) today, so you never have to scramble around searching for batteries again.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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