These $10 Dye Trapping Sheets Make Laundry So Much Better

laundry dye sheets
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* Save some money (and water) with fewer loads
* Save time with less sorting pre-wash
* Works in all water temperatures and machines

Shout ColorCatcher Dye-Trapping Sheets are a unique yet savvy product that makes doing laundry less of a chore. These sheets basically eliminate the somewhat time-consuming need to separate out your whites, lights and colors and allows you to do a single load without the worry of any color runs.

ColorCatcher’s work by absorbing and trapping loose dyes and dirt that are released during your wash cycle. At the end of the wash, the dye-trapping sheet has absorbed the dye and dirt, protecting your clothes against damage from color bleeds and helping preserve any vibrant, original colors.

Color Catcher Sheets Shout Image Courtesy Amazon

You will see the magic happen as the sheets change from white to color by absorbing the loose dyes, giving you the proof you need that it worked. In addition, the ColorCatcher’s will save you time by reducing the need for sorting and money by reducing the need for intermittent, smaller-sized loads.

Safe for all colorfast washables,  these sheets work with all of your favorite laundry products and can be used in all water temperatures. Simply place one sheet in the washing machine, then add your detergent and clothing. Once your laundry cycle is complete, discard the sheet. It is also recommended to use two sheets for larger loads or loads with new, dark or non-colorfast garments.

Saver Tips: Satisfied users have mentioned that half a sheet works well for standard size loads and if the sheet comes out of the washer white or no color has transferred onto them after using, you can re-use them in the next load.


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