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This Summer Stay Cool With Dyson

* Powerful freestanding fan with an advanced design
* Blade-free for quieter operation and easier cleaning
* Modern appearance looks great on any surface

Welcome to the future of desktop fans. Forget the dust-covered, whizzing nightmares of the past and introduce yourself to Dyson’s fan of tomorrow. With a beautifully modern design, these blade-free fans are super easy to clean while being significantly quieter than “classic” designs, allowing you to stay cool on warm summer days without all the noise.

The first thing you will notice about this fan is the absence of blades. All the airflow produced by the fan comes from a centrally located fan motor, which eradicates the typical whirring noise associated with small fans. Once the air is pushed into the circular hood, the airflow is accelerated and directed using the annular aperture. This part of the fan also draws in surrounding air to produce a powerful and uninterrupted airflow.

This advanced Dyson fan comes with a wireless remote with the pleasant feature of magnetically attaching to the circular hood. Furthermore, you’ll always be able to find an airflow to suit your needs as the fan has 10 precise settings. And the Dyson product comes with a sleep timer setting that’s great for nighttime use and allows you to schedule the fan to switch itself off after anytime from 15 minutes to nine hours.

In addition, for your comfort, the fan hood can fully oscillate to provide full room coverage and can also pivot on the sturdy base to give further freedom of direction.

Perhaps the best part of the bladeless design is the ability to clean the fan in seconds. Unlike conventional fans, you’ll only need to quickly wipe the hood, and you’ll be dust free until your next cleaning day. The blade-less feature makes it safer too.

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