Take a Load Off Housecleaning With This Super Light Vacuum

Dyson Vacuum V6 Animal Cordless
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* Cordless design for hassle-free vacuuming
* Lightweight and balanced for floor-to-ceiling cleaning
* Converts from full size stick to hand vacuum

Back in 1978, an engineer named James Dyson became frustrated with the ever-diminishing performance of his vacuum cleaner. Upon inspecting the appliance, he found the bag clogging with dust, reducing its capacity for suction. He had recently built a cyclone tower at work, and wondered if the same technology could be applied to the humble vacuum. Five years and thousands of prototypes later, he made it happen.

Between then and now, Dyson has become the gold standard in vacuums by ditching the old bag model for powerful centrifugal forces that spin dust and dirt out of the air and into the appliance. And that’s only one of the reasons the Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum will game-change your house cleaning routine.

Designed as a cordless model, the Animal completely eliminates the hassles of tripping over long vacuum cords and not being able to reach certain areas without an extension. It’s lightweight construction and slim upright shape allows you to clean from floor to ceiling, and that’s meant literally. At just 5 pounds – about the same weight as a full size laptop – the overhead cleaning capacity is only limited by how high you’re willing to climb up a ladder. Just these specs alone would be motivation to bid good bye to your conventional vacuum, but – wait for it- it also converts into a hand-held vac with a few easy moves.

Like most people, if vacuuming is something that inspires only resigned obligation at best and excessive procrastination at worse, maybe it’s time to own a Dyson vacuum.

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