The Iconic Eames Chair Just Got a Patchwork Makeover

Eames chair Cassius Style Mid Century

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* Modeled after the iconic Eames side chair
* Eye-catching patchwork upholstery
* Steel Eiffel base adds to the mid-century modern style

As early as the 1940s, designers Charles and Ray Eames recognized the need to create furniture for the masses. In their own words, one of their main goals was, “Getting the most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least.”

To accomplish this, the designers began to experiment with a one-piece seat shell. After plywood and sheet aluminum failed to meet their standards, they discovered glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin that would mold to fit the shape of a sitting human body. Thus was born the iconic Eames side chair.

With the ability to use industrial manufacturing methods, the Eames could mass produce this piece of furniture with minimal cost. In addition, the Eames side chair also included a unique multi-functionality. Its seat could be attached to a variety of bases for every function. Soon, nearly every household in America held a piece of Eames furniture.


While the Eames side chair may have faded from popular use in the late 20th Century, it is now making a comeback due to its diverse functionality and style. If you’d like to introduce a mid-century modern vibe to your home, look no further than this patchwork Eames chair by Cassius.

This wild spin on the classic design takes the Eames chair in an eclectic direction. The bohemian-chic style catches one’s eye with patchwork upholstery in an array of colors. And the base of the chair takes on the traditional Eiffel look with sturdy, chrome steel legs.

Deserving of a place in your bedroom, living room, dining room or office, these re-imagined Eames-style chairs come in a set of two. They’re a trendy yet traditional take on a still-iconic – and popular – piece of furniture.

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