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We Found the Ultimate WFH Tool: The Ergonomic Edge Desk

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So you’re very possibly working from home these days, and possibly for quite a few more to come. We feel you — so are we. It’s actually great for a lot of things: your lunch budget, no commute, live in your sweats, mute the boring meetings.

What it’s not great for is comfort. Working on your couch or bed or kitchen table is definitely not ergonomically correct, and by now your back is probably letting you know that in the most painful terms possible.

So what do you do if you don’t have room for a proper home desk? What you need is the Edge Desk: a foldable combination table/chair/easel built for maximum comfort and ease of storage. The Edge Desk used to be a great buy for students or people in small apartments. Now, with the Covid-19 pandemic creating thousands of work-from-home warriors every day, it just became even more useful.

The Edge Desk arrives fully assembled and, unlike many products that promise to be “ready to use in seconds,” it actually is up and running inside of a minute. It’s relatively light at a hair under 29 pounds, and it unfolds and refolds with minimal effort. It folds down to less than 7 inches in height and can be stashed under a couch, bed or basically anywhere when you’re not using it. Not many other home workstations let you fold a desk and chair into that small of a space.

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Courtesy of Edge Desk
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Courtesy of Edge Desk

Since it’s entirely possible you’ll be working from the home office for quite a while, the ergonomic features are key. The Edge Desk has four areas of adjustment for maximum comfort. You can alter the desk’s height, angle and tilt to ensure your neck, back and wrists are in optimal positions.

Available in matte black, silver and platinum white, the Edge Desk is sure to fit in with your home decor. We recommend adding the Edge Desk’s three inexpensive accessories: the bottle holder ($25), phone holder ($25) and transport wheels ($30). The wheels come in very handy if you’re lugging the Edge Desk across your place every day. All three accessories can be bought as a package for $65.

This isn’t a permanent desk solution: the 20″ by 30″ desktop area is adequate but not huge, and the 15-pound weight limit for the desktop itself is somewhat limiting for desktop computers or second monitors. It’s also not recommended for anyone over 250 pounds. But as a compact home work station which won’t murder your joints, the timing could not be better.