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These Genius Self-Heating Mugs Keep Your Drinks Hotter For Longer

With summer coming to an end and colder weather headed our way, many are swapping out their iced java and cold brew coffee concentrates for hot coffee and lattes. However, that hot drink becomes much less cozy when lukewarm. Whether you often forget about your fresh cup after it’s been poured or easily get distracted, this is a common issue many people are dealing with. And when your morning bev isn’t on point, neither are you.

Some people can’t even enjoy their drink of choice unless it’s piping hot, and microwaving coffee can actually alter its molecular composition and hence change the flavor, creating a more bitter and acidic taste.

Instead, these temperature-controlled mugs preserve the taste of your java while ensuring that your favorite drink is always perfectly steamy. But how do you choose from the best mug warmers on the market? Some of the mugs are self-heating, while others have precise temperature control, letting you customize the temperature to the degree. Other factors to consider when shopping for the best electric mug include design, battery life, and how easy it is to clean. There are even some self-heating travel mugs that are designed specifically to be portable.

Whether you’re a coffee nerd or just someone sick of drinking cold tea or coffee, an electric coffee mug can help you stay more focused on the important stuff. Here are our top picks for 2022.

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1. Ember Mug²


The Ember Mug², available in several minimalist colors and two different sizes, is the ultimate smart mug. Resting on a separate charging coaster, the Ember allows users to set a precise drinking temperature, so it’s always as hot or cold as they want. Unlike other heated mugs that use an electric hot plate to warm your tea or coffee, this mug self-heats – the smaller model for an hour and a half and the larger one for up to 80 minutes. With auto-shutoff tech, a wide temperature range, and a matching app, the customization is endless with this electric mug.

Ember Mug²


2. Ohom Ui Plus Mug


With its rounded bowl shape and matching lid, the Ui Plus Mug has an impressive 16oz capacity and a European aesthetic that’ll add to your desk decor. Ohom’s ceramic mug comes with a special charger that uses magnetic induction energy to heat the bottom of the coffee mug and keep your drink warm. While it does cost less than the Ember, it doesn’t have customizable options. Instead, it heats your drink to around 135 degrees. However, it is dishwasher safe, unlike the Ember.

Ohom Ui Plus Mug


3. ionMug & Charging Coaster


If spending over $100 on a mug isn’t your jam, start slow with this under $40 electric coffee mug and charging coaster from ionMug, which is a breeze to use. With a digital display read and a stylish matte black finish, it has the same features as more expensive heated mugs and keeps drinks hot for up to three hours. Choose from three adjustable temperature levels and keep the beverage insulated with a spill-proof warming lid.

ionMug & Charging Coaster


4. Muggo 2.0 Self-Heating Temperature Control Travel Mug


While Ember’s travel mug is well-reviewed across the board, if you don’t like the price tag that comes with it, check out the comparable Muggo. A must-have for anybody on the go, the Muggo features touch-sensitive control and a leak-proof lid, meaning no messy spills in the car or on public transit. Like most of these mugs, it comes with a charging coaster and a USB-C connector, and the temp can be adjusted from 95-105 degrees. Goodbye ancient thermos, hello Muggo.

Muggo 2.0 Self-Heating Temperature Control Travel Mug


5. Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set


Another great choice for beginners, the Cosori mug warmer and mug set don’t exactly count as a self-heating mug, but they do have a digital display, touch tech, and large 17oz capacity making it perfect for those who like to sip on a big cup of Joe for hours. With easy-to-clean stainless steel and the ability to heat it to a super precise temperature, this electric coffee mug has earned 3,000+ positive Amazon reviews for a reason.

Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set


6. Ember Stainless Steel Smart Mug²


The new metallic series from Ember, this electric coffee mug in 10oz and 14oz options, has the same temperature capabilities as the original, this time in a sleeker finish. While stainless steel is a timeless choice that still looks modern, the copper, gold and rose gold models are equally chic and make fantastic gifts. Looking for something a little more portable? Check out their travel mug, which keeps drinks hot for three hours.

Ember Stainless Steel Smart Mug²


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