See More, Do More With This Personal Environment Monitor

environment monitor lapka
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Includes four separate sensors
* Sends real-time data straight to your phone
* Can detect EMF readings, food quality, room temperature and more

From the air you breathe down to the food you eat, this nifty tool helps you measure all the things your eyes, ears and nose can’t.

With four separate lead-free sensors, the Lapka is able to check the organic quality of foods, detect potential radiation waves, measure electromagnetic data and can even check pollution levels down to the smallest particle.

Four elegant sensors help you get an accurate reading in seconds. By syncing the Lapka to your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device, you’re able to pick up real-time data which you can send, transfer and share. Awesome, right? With two different in-app options, you can choose between the simple cut-and-dry version or a more technical version with a bunch of extras.

It’s a welcome companion when you’re grocery shopping. Since we never really know what’s in our food these days, you can use the Lipka to check if foods and vegetables were grown organically. You can even use it to check the temperature and humidity level of any given room.

It’s also great to have on trips, especially when you find yourself in those less-than-ideal hotel rooms. See a little dirt on the ground? Whip this baby out and start checking room levels in seconds. You’re your own private particle detective.


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