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Take Care of Your Spine While You Grind With These Ergonomic Office Chairs

As more and more jobs go digital and working from a laptop becomes commonplace, hunching over all day is a habit many of us find ourselves trying to beat. Sure you can try to have good posture and sit up straight but the second your attention is drawn elsewhere, those muscles give way and you’re back to squishing your internal organs and hurting your back.

If anything can make a substantial difference, it’s the chair you’re sitting in. If you’ve got an ergonomic chair that’s designed to support your spine, prop up your hips and provide comfort, your body doesn’t have to work as hard for proper alignment. They tend to be a bit pricier than your average office chair, but the back aches and years of physical therapy you could save through this one piece of equipment make it worth it. You sit in it every day — make sure it’s helping you rather than hurting you. Pick one of the best ergonomic office chairs below and you’ll be set.

1. Flash Furniture Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair

Flash Furniture’s swivel ergonomic office chair checks all the boxes when it comes to supportive comfort for your home or office.

It’s got excellent lumbar support and the waterfall seat edge takes pressure off of the backs of your legs so they’re not holding tension to keep you upright. It’s got a ventilated back for airflow and a tilt lever you can pull in or out to lock or enable a rocking motion and adjust the seat height.

It also comes in a variety of colors including red, green and blue mesh with different frame colors as well.

Pros: Great lumbar support, comes in a variety of colors.

Cons: Arm height not adjustable.

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2. Gaiam Yoga Ball Ergonomic Chair

This alternative desk chair from Gaiam was created by health experts to offer a flexible seating option that relieves back pain and other bodily results of sitting for long periods of time.

The muscular engagements required to balance on a stability ball increase energy and focus, promote proper alignment and can even increase productivity.

This chair is designed to fit underneath most desks for people who are between 5’ and 5’11” tall.

Pros: Promotes proper alignment, relieves back pain, alternative chair option.

Cons: Requires proper inflating in order to set it up.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. NouHaus Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

NouHaus adjustable office chair has a few different seat adjustment levels that help to endorse lumbar support.

The breathable mesh back provides ample support while keeping you cool and comfortable and the adjustable lumbar support gives you the option of reclining backwards or sitting upright.

It’s easy to install and the high-quality frame and materials can support up to 275 lbs and move easily across your office floor on roller blade wheels.

Pros: Supportive frame, moves easily, very adjustable frame to fit any body.

Cons: Seat is made with firm materials which may be too hard for some people.

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