These Erotic Art Pieces Deserve to Be Put on Display

erotic art
Image courtesy of Etsy

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Visit the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s David or The Venus de Milo, and it quickly becomes apparent how the naked human form is visually appealing and an integral element of the most revered works in the world. Yet, when we step back into our own homes, we often shy away from displaying any art which may be interpreted as risque. Why not add some of the best erotic art pieces to your home and celebrate the human form in all its glory?

When it comes to choosing erotic art to display on your living room walls or in your bedroom, there really is something for everyone, no matter your preference. Subject-wise, on one end you can find art pieces that celebrate the body alone, with little to no sexual undertones. Move further along the scale, and you begin to add in greater eroticism, whether that’s couples entwined in sexual acts or dreamy situations, like a lady enjoying oral sex from an octopus.

Physically, erotic art also comes in a number of forms, too. Pieces you might purchase for home display include:

We’ve put together our favorite erotic art pieces below. Options include everything from a 3D-printed penis to recreations of classic paintings and minimalist art prints. Pick out your favorite to add a bit of spice to your home decor.


1. MediocreArtistCA Fine Art Original Nude


Not in-your-face erotic yet definitely sexual, the MediocreArtistCA Fine Art Original Nude is a classy way to add a splash of color to your home. The painting, which vibrantly combines watercolor with acrylics, is an original first created by this Etsy artist. Thankfully, rather than investing in the original, the artist sells poster-sized prints ranging from 8-by-10 to 18-by-24 inches.

erotic art mediocreartistca naked lady picture Image courtesy of Etsy


2. NewOctave Sexy Art Print


At under $10, this NewOctave Sexy Art Print is an easy and budget-friendly way to add a little risque-ness to any room of your home. The print features the lower half of a scantily clad lady who is using the heel of her shoes to stretch the waistband of her underwear, revealing her naked behind. The cartoon-style image beautifully balances the black and white style and negative space to create just enough intrigue for viewers while still remaining classy.

bewoctave erotic art Image courtesy of Etsy


3. DesignKnowhere Masculine Planter Pot


Sometimes art can be fun to look at and functional at the same time. That’s certainly the case with this DesignKnowhere Masculine Penis & Booty Planter Pot. It’s constructed using a 3D printing process and comes in a range of different sizes, ranging from 3.2 to 6.25 inches tall. Whichever you choose, each different size still includes a full booty on one side and a hanging penis and accompanying testicles on the other, with plenty of planting space inside each leg. In addition, you can pick from four different colors, which include copper, marble and rainbow options.

designknowhere masculine planter pot Image courtesy of Etsy


4. Blast Off – A Quiverish Production Erotic Collage Art Poster


In the 1970s, the Magic Wand vibrator changed everything for women around the world. These easily accessible sex toys helped women to “blast off” into sexual independence, as celebrated by this A Quiverish Production Erotic Collage Art Poster. The high-quality poster is available in four different sizes and will add a retro appeal to any modernly decorated room.

blast off a quiverish production Image courtesy of Society6


5. Felix d’Eon I’ll Show You Mine Poster


The question of penis size is something all men can relate to. It’s also beautifully portrayed in Felix d’Eon’s rather humorous image I’ll Show You Mine. The scene depicts two men with towels around their waists, revealing themselves to each other to gauge what the other is packing. The classic, cartoon-style poster includes each man’s reaction to what he is seeing in the form of a joint thought bubble, which simply reads, “Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmm…” Read into that what you will.

ill show you mine poster Image courtesy of Society6


6. christineiris Sexy Black & White Nude Poster


By complementing the up and down, black and white stripes falling on the background with the same lines falling on the nude woman who is stretched out and facing away, this christineiris Sexy Black & White Nude Poster steals your attention and insists on further investigation. Outside of a booty that is in full view, the poster reveals no further body parts which may cause any additional stir, making it an acceptable option for display in an office or any room of the house without the need for added caution. Additionally, the piece is printed on 100-pound, smooth gloss paper and comes in four different sizes.

christineiris poster nude Image courtesy of Society6


7. Explicit Design Lip To Nip Poster


How much can one single line actually do on a piece of paper? Well, as you’ll see in this Explicit Design Lip To Nip Poster, the answer is quite a lot. The artist’s use of a single line starting at the lips and trailing across the chin, down the arm, around the breasts and to the nipple may seem too simple to be appealing. However, the single line-style of artwork leaves plenty of room for your imagination to take over, giving you a minimalist piece for each observer to enjoy and complete in their own mind. It is available in four sizes and comes printed on 100-pound, smooth gloss paper.

explicit design minimalist print Image courtesy of Society6


8. Kozyprint Hokusai poster – The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife


To understand The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, you must first be aware of shunga erotica. This is a genre of Japanese art that finds its roots in the 12th century and literally translates as spring pictures, which is used as a euphemism for sex. While shunga reached the peak of its popularity in the 1800s, sections of the movement have evolved into anime and manga. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife by Katsushika Hokusai is a woodblock-printed design made in 1814 that is arguably one of the most famous of its kind. It’s iconic to both the sex and Japanese art world and is thus a must-have for true erotica art fans.

hokusai poster the dreams of fisherman wife Image courtesy of Etsy


9. TheJoysOfEros Vintage Erotic Art Print


The TheJoysOfEros Vintage Erotic Art Print is a black and white reproduction of the original artwork The Love Swing, which was drawn by Franz von Bayros. The image features two naked ladies, one observing the other enjoy what, given the picture’s title, is seemingly called “a swing.” However, on closer inspection, said “swing” looks to be no more complicated than a piece of rope strung over a Victorian-style loveseat. Complicated or not, all involved seem content with the goings-on. The museum-quality piece comes printed on thick and durable matte paper and is a great way to add a little risque-ness to any room in the house.

the joys of eros black and white print Image courtesy of Etsy


10. Veronese Bronzed Finish Nude Female Statue


With her hands clasped together and kneeling down in an upright position, this Veronese Bronzed Finish Nude Female Statue gives off an elegant, yet submissive air. While there may be no concrete story to be added beyond this, you or any guest to your home will be able to fill in any remaining gaps using imagination. Which is surely one of the piece’s greatest appeals. Construction-wise, the six-inch tall statue is made from a cold cast resin with a bronze powder finish, and suits display on shelves, mantels and bookcases.

veronese bronze statue female nude Image courtesy of Amazon


11. FrameToWall Julie With An Athlete Framed Art Print


After the collective scandalization of the Italian Renaissance by the erotic text, Modi, in which 16 sexual positions were explicitly visualized, the floodgates to wider sexual imagery had been opened. In this FrameToWall Julie With An Athlete Framed Art Print, you’ll find a reworking of the original image for position number five to display in your home. The picture is bordered by the original image’s title as well as “No. 5” and comes housed inside an attractive, two-inch wooden frame, making it ready to hang on arrival.

frametowall julie with an athlete Image courtesy of Walmart


12. Design Toscano The Historical Pan Statue


As the ancient Greek god of sex, Pan is often portrayed with a huge erect penis. He was famous for his sexual desire, and his exploits often made him the subject of Greek legends. While he was thought to inspire panic and diminish the confidence of human men, today, replicas of his statues make popular erotic art pieces. This one from design Toscano sits just 10-inches high, meaning you can keep the metallic sculpture on display or hide it away when necessary.

erotic art design toscano Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Ancient Times ‘De Figuris Veneris’ Framed Print Wall


If one is good and two is better, this Ancient Times ‘De Figuris Veneris’ Framed Print Wall, which features seven nude individuals, must be the best of all. The original, which was painted by artist Edouard-Henri Avril, finds its origins from inside the original anthology, De Figuris Veneris, which was a collection of ancient Greek and ancient Roman writings on a variety of erotic topics. The image is available in two different sizes and comes framed inside your choice of a black, white or pecan-colored surround.

best erotic art ancient times Image courtesy of Walmart


14. KamasutraStudio Erotic Threesome Sculpture


It’s a case of “two is a couple and three is a better time” with this KamasutraStudio Erotic Threesome Sculpture. The work depicts two men and a woman involved in a threesome, with the woman being penetrated by the first man, who is then penetrated from behind by the second man. Each character in the handmade piece looks to be having a good time, which, along with the appealing shape created by the three-person interaction, makes for a home decor addition that is sure to draw attention.

best erotic art kamasutrastudio Image courtesy of Etsy


15. EduardoRoccaShop Pop Art Sculpture Phallus Statue


We couldn’t make a list of the best erotic art without including a 3D penis. It seems these designs are popping up everywhere in the modern art world, but luckily you can snag your own for $80 thanks to the invention of 3D printing. This sculpture of a hand job is made from premium PLA and comes ready to hang on the wall straight out of the box.

best erotic art eduardo rocca shop Image courtesy of Etsy


16. Roaringsoftly Venus of Urbino


Often touted as one of the most sensual paintings of all time, the Venus of Urbino by Titian was created between 1532 and 1534. It plays on Venus’ sexiness rather than her godliness and has her staring directly at the viewer of the painting while her left-hand covers her genitals. While you could get a print of the original Renaissance piece, we love this more diverse illustration instead. It measures 4.5 by 6.5 inches, so you can keep it proudly on display or hide it away for G-rated occasions.

erotic art venus of urbino titian Image courtesy of Etsy


17. greatphotos234 Egon Schiele Lovers Framed Art Print


When we started writing this list, we didn’t expect one of the best erotic art picks to be classed as the most eco-friendly. But, this print surprised us. It’s framed by wood sourced from socially and environmentally responsible forests and available in six sizes as well as three frame colors. The print itself, Lovers by Egon Schiele, is deceptively simple yet allows the viewer to associate the image with their own personal feelings thanks to the lack of objects and time shown. The clear lovers in the painting may not be caught in the same wild embrace as in other artworks on this list, but their sexuality through familiarity is no less powerful.

egon schiele lovers framed Image courtesy of Society6


18. GLOBAL VIEWS Gittin It On Sculpture


No matter who you are, any time you view the GLOBAL VIEWS Gittin It On Sculpture, you’re sure to feel a mix of emotions. For those in love, it’ll evoke feelings of joy to transport you back to timeless moments with your lover. While for those still searching, it serves as a reminder of the potential reward of finding the one for you. The handcrafted sculpture portrays two lovers entwined in one another, mid-kiss, and it has a stylish metallic silver finish which also draws attention to the piece. Additionally, the weighty granite base completes the sculpture’s quality feel and display-worthiness.

global views gittin it on sculpture Image courtesy of Steelz


19. Michael Laird Indian Erotic Paintings


While the actual artist of these Michael Laird Indian Erotic Paintings may not be known, it doesn’t detract from the visual appeal of each piece. Both are painted on thin India paper, which has then been professionally matted and framed to create a ready-to-hang decor addition. Subject-wise, one of the paintings features a beautiful Indian lady riding a winged phallus, which itself has giant wings and avian feet. The other image includes a she-devil with a long tongue, fangs and horns, hanging onto a tree and accompanied by a basket of phalluses. For something visually unique, thought-provoking, this could be your answer.

best erotic art anonymous indian artist Image courtesy of Michael Laird Rare Books


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