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Pour Planning: The 7 Essential Items You Need for Your Emergency Flood Kit

* Stay safe with the right emergency flood kit
* Store food, belongings and more in a safe, easy-to-reach area
* Keep dry with the right supplies

Harvey, Irma, Jose — with all these hurricanes and other natural disasters lately, you’re gonna want to be prepared. That’s why we put together this list of items you may want to stock at home in case of an emergency. From water filtration kits to flashlights, there’s an array of products here that can help make your life easier even at the hardest times.

1. 12-Pack Survival Blankets

Blazing hot afternoons with freezing cold nights. Yup, chalk it up to climate change. With these heavy-duty thermal blankets, you’ll stay comfy no matter the weather. Made with Mylar material (which was actually invented by NASA), these thermal blankets are a welcome addition to any emergency prep kit.


2. 3-stage water filtration kit

This EPA-tested water filtration kit has been proven to remove 99.9% of all waterborne bacteria and protozoa. Featuring a dedicated three-stage filtration system, this kit is able to purify virtually any type of water in seconds. Great to keep in your home or car in case of emergencies, this filtration device is small, lightweight and potentially life-saving. This filter deserves a spot in your flood kit.


3. Flashlight 2-Pack Chargeable By Hand Crank or Solar

No power? No problem. This handy flashlight combo features an impressive dual charging system — either set them outside to charge in the sun or charge them manually using the hand crank. With three different lighting modes, this set is also waterproof, so you’ll have no problem worrying about it in the rain.

[caption id="attachment_73193" align="aligncenter" width="398"]Flashlight 2-Pack Chargeable By Hand Crank or Solar Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Foldable Multi-Tool w/Shovel

Forget about your old Swiss Army Knife, this multi-tool kit is the real deal. Sporting an impressive 10 unique functions, this foldable shovel also contains two saws, a glass breaker, fire kit, bottle openers, a knife, pick-axe and more. Able to divide into three separate (and tiny) parts, this multi-tool kit is a great and easy way to store more without taking up extra room.


5. First Aid Kit for Multiple People

This FDA-approved kit contains 326 individual pieces and is small and compact enough to fit almost anywhere. What’s more, this all-inclusive first aid kit exceeds most OSHA standards and has been found to accommodate up to 100 people. Bandages, towelettes, ointments, creams and more, this is one kit you’ll feel better having by your side.


6. Emergency Food Kit

Low on food? This three-day emergency food kit packs 20 individual servings into a tight 8×12 box. What’s even more surprising is the 30-year shelf life. Great for camping, hiking, or just to save in case of emergencies, this food stash packs big calories without taking up a lot of space.


7. Short on Time? Here’s the Whole Kit Option

For when you want to skip the individual accessories and opt for the whole kit and caboodle, this set packs everything you need — and then some — into one heavy duty backpack. With enough food, water and survival gear for three days, this kit was specifically made for two people and has everything you need to rough the elements while staying safe and secure.

[caption id="attachment_73198" align="aligncenter" width="432"]Extreme Survival Kit Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

How to stock your bug-out bag

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