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Less Is More: 8 Essential Pieces for Minimalist Living

* Minimalist living is gaining traction in interior design
* Minimalist interiors may impact our mood and sleep patterns
* De-clutter and simplify your space with multi-purpose furniture

Minimalist living isn’t exactly a new idea, but it’s definitely trending right now. There’s a growing body of research looking at the physical and psychological benefits that living in minimalist interiors may offer us. Some studies have shown that a bare space with ample natural light can help you sleep better, increase productivity, and even reduce stress.

At the core of minimalist living is saying goodbye to unnecessary items and de-cluttering your space. For those who want to inch towards a minimalist lifestyle, but simply cannot come to grips with tossing prized possessions to the curb, space-saving and multipurpose storage and furniture will quickly become your new best friend. Make sure to keep decorative items like wall art and other knick-knacks to a minimum.

1. Mounted Lighting

Minimalist in both design and function, this sleek mounted LED light illuminates while reducing the need for a bulky table or traditional floor lamp. Plus, it adds to the minimalist aesthetic with its modern design.


2. Indoor Bike Shelves

One of the biggest problems when it comes to minimalist spaces–or simply small spaces–is storing larger outdoor and fitness items, like a bicycle. Once again, make use of your wall and hang your bike with a mounted shelf or rack.

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3. Hidden Litter Box

Minimalist pet owners have to take extra care at keeping their spaces neat and clutter-free. Having a litter-box on display in your home isn’t exactly chic. But this modern, solid wood “litter box” keeps your cat’s business hidden, and fits nicely into any corner.


4. Floating Desks

One of the best ways to save space and reduce clutter is making the most of your walls. Mounted desks are a convenient way to save space and give your wall decor functionality. Unfinished wood gives minimalist interiors an organic touch as well.


5. Leaning Shelves

Book shelves and curios are great for stylish storage, but they can often be bulky and over-sized. This minimal ladder shelf looks clean and gives you a place to display your favorite books and a few decorative items.

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Image courtesy of Wayfair[/caption]


6. Wall Storage

Don’t let jackets and other miscellaneous items pile up on your counter and floors. This multipurpose wall shelf has a built-in coat rack and storage space for books, newspapers, magazines, or keys to keep your essentials organized and neat.

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Image courtesy of Cost Plus World Market[/caption]


7. Convertible Sleep Sofa

Housing guests comfortably in a minimalist home can often be a challenge, if not impossible, but this safe-saving chair is a stylish solution. Not only does this convertible arm chair offer a sleek mid-century look, but it also doubles as a sleeper sofa.

[caption id="attachment_74905" align="aligncenter" width="623"]Convertible Sleep Sofa Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


8. Coffee Table With Built-In Storage

A statement coffee table can often fill in as the centerpiece in a room, especially in a minimalist space where decor and furnishings are scant. Make sure your coffee table is offering you more than just a surface to set your beverages on. This geometric table is designed with concealed storage compartments for books and other items you don’t want lying around in the open.

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