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These Expandable Dining Tables Are Perfect for Both Large Dinner Parties and Solo Takeout Nights

Even if you’ve accomplished your dream of owning your own home, there’s a chance that your living space is slightly smaller than you imagined when picturing your dream home. That’s especially true if you’re living in a home or apartment in a city like Los Angeles or New York City, where space is at a premium. So until you finally move into your dream home, you’ve got to be smart and efficient in how you use your square footage. And that’s why the extendable dining table has become such a popular item in many homes.

Decorating an apartment in your youth is a tug of war between your taste, how much space you have, what you can afford and how much furniture you want to lug between this apartment and the inevitable next one. A potential solution is renting furniture, a new service targeted at trendy millennials whose aesthetic visions tend to span farther than their bank accounts. Another great life hack is furniture that’s multi-purpose — like ottomans that double as living room storage and mirrors that hook your keys as soon as you walk in the door. Of course, extendable dining tables are another versatile and space-saving solution.

Expandable dining tables solve a few problems — they’re uniquely flexible when it comes to space, come in a wide range of prices for different budgets and don’t sacrifice design for convenience. Very few other pieces of furniture can change size and still serve the same purpose. So whether you’re a young person decorating your first apartment or a family looking for options when it comes to entertaining, an extendable dining table could suit you perfectly

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The best expandable dining room tables can transform to fit between two and 12 place settings, and some of our favorite options are surprisingly affordable. When your gathering is complete, you can return your home to equilibrium, and your table to a size that suits your family. You won’t scrunch guests into an uncomfortable fashion, and you won’t be sitting six feet from your spouse during your regular weeknight suppers (unless you want to). 

To find the perfect extendable dining table for your home, check out the stylish options we’ve gathered below, which include dining room tables for every budget and home size.


How Do Expandable Dining Tables Work?

Most extending dining tables use a “leaf” system, wherein removable “leafs” of wood can be physically inserted and removed as needed. There are four common types of leaf mechanisms:

  • Drop Leaf
  • Removable Leaf
  • Self-Storing Leaf
  • Butterfly Leaf

In drop leaf tables, the sides of the surface literally drop off, creating a smaller table and smaller top surface to work with. There are removable leaves, the most common type, where you physically remove the leaf from the table and push the remaining sides together to form a smaller surface. The extra leaves are usually stored out of sight somewhere, unless you opt for self-storing leaf tables where the extra leaf tucks inside or under the table when not in use. Finally, there are butterfly leaf tables where the leaf splits in half, folds upwards and tucks underneath the table.

To see a butterfly leaf in action, check out this video of The Butterfly Leaf Dining Table from Levity Home.

Any of the four options above will work for those looking to maximize their space. We’d recommend drop leaf tables for those with very limited space, and removable leaf tables for those who have extra storage available for the removed components. Another thing to keep in mind is expandable dining tables tend to be more expensive than the average dining room table due to the options they come with. However, the extra cash pays off in versatility, adaptability and ease.

Here are the best expandable dining tables for entertaining in 2022.


1. Transformer Table


Transformer Table popped onto the DTC furniture scene with a six-in-one extendable dining room table that suits all of your needs. Transforming furniture like this is now one of the hottest home design trends (thanks in large part to the Transformer Table itself), and the SPY team is truly obsessed with this table.  The best extendable dining room tables typically go from four place settings to six (or from six to eight), but the appropriately named “Transformer Table” can shrink down to fit two people or grow to fit 12. It’s built with true hardwood in a few different attractive finishes, and it’s coated in a ceramic lacquer that’s heat- and water-resistant.

The table comes with five removable hardwood panels that you can easily clip in and out of the table. The expandable dining table is also easy to pull apart or push together. If you’re interested in an extendable dining table that seats 12, then this is the table we recommend. Transformer Table will also include a free $699 Transforming Coffee Table with your purchase.

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Courtesy of Transformer Table


2. Levity Home The Butterfly Leaf Dining Table


We first started writing about the best expandable dining room tables in early 2020, and in 2022, the Transformer Table is still our top recommendation. However, Levity Home is fast becoming one of our favorite places to buy furniture online, and the DTC furniture brand makes stylish and functional furniture that’s also long-lasting and easy to clean. The Butterfly Leaf Dining Table is an excellent transforming dining room table and almost half the price of the Transformer Table. While it’s not a 100% solid wood extendable dining table, it is built with solid ashwood legs.

Thanks to the unique design, one person can easily extend the length and set up the built-in extension leaf, giving you room for up to eight people.

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Courtesy of Levity Home

3. Astrid Mid-Century Round Extendable Dining Table


This round extendable dining table is part of Target’s mid-century modern collection, Project 62. It’s a perfect starter table for young people and new homeowners, and the $300 price tag is extremely attractive. For fans of MCM design on a budget, this elegant wood table will enhance your home decor and let you enjoy dinner with guests even in small spaces. With the extension leaf, this round table extends to 52 inches and seats four people (more if you really squeeze in).

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Courtesy of Target

4. Mobili Fiver, First Extendable Table


By design, extendable dining room tables give you options, but the Mobili Fiver extendable table is one of the most flexible tables on our list. This table is available in multiple sizes and with a dozen colors and finishes, so you can pick out the exact combination that suits your home decor. With the two removable leaf extensions inserted, this table expands to 79 inches and seats up to eight people. With a mid-range price, it’s a goldilocks piece of furniture for homeowners who aren’t ready to spend $2,000 on an heirloom dining room table set but who have graduated beyond Ikea and Target furniture.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. West Elm Mid-Century Rounded Expandable Oval Dining Table


This handsome acorn oval dining table from West Elm has a mid-century silhouette with a timeless look. Its A-frame detail combined with angular legs offers a touch of heirloom-quality elegance (and leaves you with plenty of footroom). Available in two sizes, this expandable dining table has an expensive look, but even the larger eight-person table (which expands up to 80 inches) still costs less than $1,000. This item is made from sustainably sourced Fair Trade Certified wood,  which is also kiln-dried for added durability and longevity.

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Courtesy of West Elm

6. Sand & Stable Gray Alec Butterfly Leaf Dining Table


Looking for an expandable dining table for a small or mid-size space? This expandable leaf dining table from Sand & Stable is made using solid and reclaimed wood, making it an environmentally-friendly option. It’s got a neutral gray color that’ll complement most home decor and has a butterfly leaf that’s easy to add and remove as needed. This small dining table can seat 4-6 people depending on whether you’ve included the extension or not.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


7. Sylvan Extendable Dining Table


Kelly Clarkson’s line of home goods is excellent, and this expandable dining table from her furniture line has a classic design that will look great in the right home. It’s got a distressed white finish to add a slightly rustic touch, and the turned legs add a French countryside element to the overall aesthetic. The table has a removable leaf in the center and can seat up to eight people when fully extended. This is another popular dining room table on Wayfair, where it has thousands of positive reviews.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


8. Signature Design by Ashley Dellbeck Dining Extension Table


If you’re in search of expandable dining room tables with a classic brown wood design, then this table is an affordable and well-reviewed option. Better yet, not only is it an “Amazon’s Choice” product with over 1,000 customer reviews, but it’s also available via Amazon Prime, giving Prime members access to free shipping and returns. When you insert the two extension leaves, this dining room table instantly expands to accommodate eight place settings.

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Courtesy of Amazon

9. Kruger Extendable Dining Table


For fans of rustic furniture, we love this extendable table, also available via Wayfair. This solid wood dining table looks like it came fresh from the carpenter’s shop with the inverted v design underneath and multi-color beams that complement one another perfectly. The table is the standard 30″ high and has one removable leaf in the center. It measures 78″ total when fully extended, enough to fit around eight people comfortably.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


10. Orren Ellis Aida Extendable Glass Dining Table


All-wood dining room tables that expand can look a little heavy in certain spaces. That’s why we recommend lightening things up with an expandable glass dining table. This modern extendable dining table is made with glass and metal. It adds a contemporary look to your dining area, and we love the matte black pyramid legs. This rectangular table has a self-storing leaf with a self-guided track, making it extremely easy to use. Featuring a flat polished edge on its tempered glass top, it offers pure elegance and long-lasting durability.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

11. Lark Manor Oval Extendable Dining Table


This is one of the best extending dining tables to check out if you’re looking to avoid rectangular silhouettes. A round extending dining table can help soften a space, and this one, which has a very lightly distressed finish, even adds a bit of an antique touch. With a removable leaf, it goes from circular to oval-shaped in an instant. With the removable leaf inserted, this oval extendable dining table can accommodate six place settings. This table has a classic brown wood design, and it looks like the kind of traditional dining room tables your parents owned.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

12. Ikea Norden Gataleg Table and Chairs


This Ikea extendable dining table is one of the most functional and versatile picks on our roundup, and as an added bonus it comes with two folding chairs. Whether you’re looking for a workspace or a dining option with a little extra storage, the Norden table comes in white and birch with the brand’s signature chic Scandinavian aesthetic. It has three drawers that can be used for kitchen essentials, flatware or napkins. You can place this space-saving table in your kitchen or breakfast nook, and when fully extended it can seat three to four people.

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Courtesy of Ikea

13. Noble House Stamford Extendable Outdoor Dining Table


You might not think of The Home Depot as your first destination for furniture, but the home improvement mega-store has a huge selection of furniture for sale online, and you can save money by having your purchase shipped to a local The Home Depot location for free. This outdoor expandable dining table is great for anyone that hosts BBQs or frequently dines al fresco, and the handsome acacia wood will hold up to the elements. When extended, the slatted table can accommodate up to eight chairs.

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Courtesy of Home Depot

14. Zipcode Design Drop Leaf Trestle Dining Room Table


The Zipcode Design Trestle Dining Table isn’t expandable in the usual way. Rather than taking leaves in and out to extend the length of the table, two side panels collapse down to expand the width. For a traditional dining room, this table isn’t a great fit, but for a small apartment, a collapsible dining table like this could be a perfect fit. For dinner parties, it will expand to seat 4-6 people, but the rest of the time you can utilize it as a media console, a home office desk or a small table. Perfect for a smaller kitchen nook or open floor plan spaces, this table is a popular budget pick on Wayfair, where it has more than 2,000 reviews.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


15. International Concepts Drop Leaf Extendable Dining Table


If you’re in search of dining tables for small spaces that expand, consider this affordable drop-leaf extendable dining table, which is perfect for smaller apartments and studio spaces. With plenty of 5-star reviews, customers say it’s a perfect solution for breakfast nooks, or any other room that can’t fit a larger table.

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Courtesy of Amazon

16. PHI VILLA Black Expandable Outdoor Dining Table


Finally, we have one more extandable outdoor dining table to consider. This metal slat table is built with rust-resistant, powder-coated steel, making it a sturdy and long-lasting patio table. Despite the hardy construction, it’s an elegant dining set, and it has a built-in extension that creates room for up to eight diners at a time. This extendable metal table is also available as a patio bistro set via Amazon, where it comes with six high-back dining chairs.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot

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