These Ridiculous Fake Weed Plants Are Actually Kind of Awesome? Call It Stoner Home Decor

houseplant fake weed plants
Courtesy of The Pot Plant

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Let’s say you really, really enjoy marijuana. So much so that you want to decorate your home with those instantly recognizable five-leaf cannabis plants. After all, decorating your home or apartment with a ridiculous number of plants is very much the home decor trend of the moment. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a state where cultivating cannabis is legal, and even if it is, growing a cannabis plant can definitely lead to a strong odor when the plant flowers. On top of those very practical reasons, growing and showing off your Mary Jane has always had a major stigma attached to it.

That’s why Karina Farris and her partner George founded Pot Plant — the world’s first hyperreal-looking artificial cannabis plant — to add ambiance to any home. Pot Plant merges a passion for home decor and cannabis in a very unique way. So while we’re normally not super big fans of artificial plants, this might just be the exception. They’re bringing this plant out of the shadows and onto our windowsills, in proud display.

As Farris told us in a recent email: “Fiddle leaf fig is finished, and weed is the new houseplant.”

the pot plant Courtesy of The Pot Plant

The creators of Pot Plant have worked in the cannabis industry since 2017, and have always been passionate about normalizing weed in the mainstream while making it more approachable. Bringing artificial cannabis plants into people’s homes is the first step towards sparking conversations about marijuana, hopefully educating and inspiring folks to be more open about this misunderstood plant with an unwarranted bad rep.

The Pot Plant founders grew cannabis plants in their own backyard to mimic the plant as realistically as possible. Karina expands, “We’ve meticulously thought out every characteristic from the detailed leaves, the glistening trichomes, and flocked stems – down to the dirt in the pot.” This decorative faux plant might even fool admirers; it’s as meticulously detailed as they come but doesn’t require any watering or maintenance.

While many people are still afraid to talk about weed, new products like Pot Plant prove just how mainstream this plant has become. Pot Plant’s founders hope that their creation can act as an icebreaker for discussing marijuana’s powerful benefits and history.

Their website offers a total of eight faux plants in a variety of growth stages and pots, and with a speedy (and free) shipping window. No matter what your home decor style is, this brand has indoor houseplants that brighten up any space, from laid-back bohemian dens to more modern homes.


10″ Clone in White Pot

This 10” Clone is Pot Plant’s best-selling option. It’s slightly smaller than their more extravagant options but is still an impressive statement piece, ideal for any sill, bookshelf, or desk. One buyer gifted it to her family members who are “plant lovers and modern stoners” while another said it completely changed the way their father viewed hemp.

clone pot plant white pot Image courtesy of

16″ Teen in White Pot

Their next size up is the teen, which mimics cannabis in its initial growing stages. It’ll earn compliments on bar carts, coffee tables, or home offices. A superb addition to any plant collection, or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. One reviewer worried that the plant wouldn’t be “the real deal” since photos can be misleading, but was pleasantly surprised with the hyperrealistic portrayal.

teen pot plant white pot Image courtesy of

22″ Adult in White Pot

A popular mid-range offering from Pot Plant, this 22” Adult is less modest than their smaller models, but not as space-consuming as their largest model. It’s recommended anywhere you might place a bouquet of flowers or centerpiece, like a dining room table and kitchen islands. It’s just the right size to integrate seamlessly into your home while capturing attention and starting conversations with ease.

adult pot plant white pot Image courtesy of

36″ Mother in White Pot
The largest plant in their lineup, this 36” Mother replica is Pot Plant’s real showstopper. A cannabis mother plant is highly valuable. It’s required in order for clones to thrive and survive. Buy it for your own mom as a reminder that you couldn’t make it without her, or replace existing plants and trees wilting in the corner with this exuberant looker.

mother pot plant white pot Image courtesy of