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Weekend Debrief: Say Hello to Fall

* Fall officially started on September 22
* Learn the new rules for fall layering
* Not ready to embrace fall? See how you can extend your summer

It’s official: fall is here. Though temperatures may still be balmy in many parts of the country, September 22 marked the first day of the new season. With a new season comes new activities — and new ways to dress. Make sure you’re caught up on what to do — and what to wear. (Oh and if you’re not quite ready to give up summer… well, we’ve got something for you, too).

1. The SPY Guide to Easy Fall Layering

Fall is here, which means getting dressed in the morning won’t be as simple as grabbing your favorite T-shirt and jeans. Stylish outfits in the chillier months call for masterful layering, which can be easy (and even fun) if you have the right pieces of clothing. To get you started, we put together a list of versatile, modern fall/winter classics that can be worn solo, under, or over for warmth and a timeless look.

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His & Her Guide to Easy Fall Layering


2. Plan Your Fall Road Trip

Even if you weep for the end of summer and dread the cold of winter, you have to admit that fall is pretty spectacular–and not just because of football season and pumpkin spice. The crisp weather and the turning leaves make it peak road trip season, whether you’re looking for a good hike or just some fresh scenery. We’ve uncovered six unexpected places to take that weekend getaway, full of fall foliage and festive fun.

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3. Start Your Spring Planting (Yes, Really).

Fall may not be an obvious time of year for planting in the garden, but it’s the ideal time to focus on planting perennials, pansies and spring bulbs. Perennials and pansies will use the warm fall weather to establish root systems, allowing healthier growth at the beginning of next year. And bulbs need the cold dormancy of winter in order to bloom in the spring. Not sure what to plant or how to get started? Here are some ideas.

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7 Prime Perennials to Plant Right Now


4. It’s Time to Get a Seasonal Wreath For Fall

Sure, wreathes may call to mind snow-filled Christmas scenes and stockings by the fireplace, but these versatile pieces can do so much more. Not only are wreaths aesthetically appealing, they can be adorned with the poignant seasonal items (think pinecones and pumpkins) that work well for Thanksgiving, Halloween or just to freshen up your front door or dining room for fall. Here’s how to do it.

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5 Worthy Wreathes for Fall Decor


5. Send Off Summer With This Fresh Fall Sangria

With fall officially upon us, it’s time to send another summer off in style. While sangria may be thought of as a traditionally summery drink, we’ve got a new take that will make it seasonal appropriate for fall. The trick: a splash of Alizé Passion. Here are three sangria recipes that will make hosting a breeze—leaving more time to soak up every last drop of sunshine and less time fussing around the kitchen.

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How to Serve Sangria for Fall

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