Going Stir Crazy? 15 Fidget Spinner Alternatives to Focus & Relive Stress

fidget spinner alternatives

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Fidget spinners have gone from meme-craze to an everyday necessity. But unlike some odd trends, the effectiveness of fidget toys is actually backed by science. These toys are best as a treatment for kids with ADHD or anxiety, but they’re also great solutions for everyone, including adults, who occasionally get distracted or stressed.

The best-selling fidget toy is the famous three-pronged spinner, but there’s actually a wide variety of fidget toys for every preference. Some are even better than the classic spinners, and others have added benefits like a forearm workout.

If you need a little something to keep you focused and sane while working, read on. We’ve got 15 of the best fidget spinner alternatives that you can order on Amazon right now.


1. Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon

This dodecagon is the renaissance man of fidget toys. It boasts 12 sides that each offers a different fidget functionality including gears, buttons, joysticks, switches, and balls. It’s enough to keep your hands busy for hours. Reviewers are impressed, as the dodecagon has 4.1/5 stars and over 1,100 reviews. Users say it’s sturdy (for continued fidgeting) and really works as a de-stressor.

fidget toy cube Courtesy of Amazon


2. Speks

Speks are one of the best fidget toys because, well, they’re not so much a toy as interactive desk art. They’re a morphable, buildable, smashable lump of 512 miniature magnets that can be shaped into sculptures or just fiddled with to no end. They come in a few nice colors too, so you can match your workspace’s decor.

fidget toy magnet ball speks Courtesy of Speks


3. Chewable Pencil Chew Topper

Constantly chewing pencils in class or at work is bad for teeth and very unsanitary, but very hard to quit. Instead of trying to stop, pick up some chewable pencil toppers like these from Solace. They’re made of 100% food-grade silicone (meaning you won’t get any of the chemicals that come with chewing regular erasers) and they can be washed with soap and water. They do look like LEGO bricks, however, which may be a bit embarrassing at the office.

chewable pencil erasers legos Courtesy of Amazon


4. Longang Hand Grip Strengthener

Why not workout while you fidget? This $7 grip strengthener is a great distraction for your hand and doubles as a fantastic forearm builder. The resistance can be adjusted from 11 to 132 pounds to fit your current forearm strength and allow improvement over months of use. Besides building some beautiful forearms, the strengthener is also helpful for anyone suffering from arthritis, tendonitis or carpal tunnel.

grip strengthener forearm builder Courtesy of Amazon


5. The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer

Here’s another grip-strengthening anxiety reliever. This pack of egg-shaped stress relief balls offers three levels of resistance and fit nicely in your palm or between your fingers. They boast incredible ratings from customers on Amazon with 4.7/5 stars and over 1,800 reviews. Users say they’re super ergonomic and work for everything from stress relief to physical therapy for carpal tunnel.

grip ball de stressor Courtesy of Amazon


6. PILPOC Fidget Controller Pad Cube

This clever fidget toy takes inspiration from a video game controller. It fits in one hand and has a range of mini-toys from a joystick to buttons. Some of the buttons are also audible if you’re addicted to clicking your pen. Just be sure to OK it with your co-workers before clicking away.

fidget toy controller Courtesy of Amazon


7. Fidget Pen

Why add a whole new toy to your everyday carry? This fidget pen works like normal but upgrades your typical writing utensil with a chewer, a clicker, a bunch of buttons and some switches. It’s great if you’re want to forget an extra fidget toy… Or if you’re a little embarrassed to be playing with a fidget toy in the first place.

fidget toy pen ADHD Courtesy of Amazon


8. Bubble Wrap Phone Case

Bubble wrap is the OG fidget toy for getting out any anger, stress and anxiety. This ingenious phone case puts some bubbles right on the back of your iPhone so you can pop while you send emails or scroll Instagram. But don’t worry: these bubbles can be popped back up for continued use, unlike bubble wrap.

bubble wrap phone case Courtesy of Amazon


9. NOVICA Spinner Ring

This spinner ring is probably the most grown-up option for fidgety hands. It looks like a stylish silver ring but has a secret spinning mechanism for endless fidgeting. Plus, you get a real jewelry upgrade too. The ring is made of quality .925 sterling silver and features a floral design.

spinner ring silver men's Courtesy of Amazon


10. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

This infinity cube is designed with eight plastic cubes connected with metal bearings. The unique flipping and folding action is highly addictive and provides excellent stress relief. Plus, it doesn’t look half bad just lying there on your desk.

Fidget Cube Toy Courtesy of Amazon


11. Flybar Finger Pogo Stick

Flybar’s mini finger pogo stick is an exact replica of the real thing, and makes a great fidget toy for people of all ages. It’s a little on childish side, so you may want to keep this one off your desk at work. But for fidgeting around at home, it make a great option.

Mini Pogo Stick toy Courtesy of Amazon


12. Tom’s Fidgets Roller Chain

The fidget chain is another standout design because it’s super simple, but allows for multiple kinds of fidgeting. You can roll it around on your finger (similar to a classic spinner), collapse it, or roll it across a tabletop.

Fidget Chain Toy Courtesy of Amazon


13. Tom’s Fidgets Flippy Chain

Another great fidget spinner alternative is the flippy chain. It’s made of two interlocked rings, and provides anti-stress fidgeting without the distraction of a spinner.

Fidget Chain Toy Courtesy of Amazon


14. CuberSpeed Rainbow Ball Fidget Toy

This fidget ball is somewhat of a rubix cube-fidget toy hybrid that will keep you occupied and relaxed. It’s a simple, well-made color-matching game that fits anywhere, and costs less than $10.

Fidget Ball Toy Courtesy of Amazon


15. AllCare Finger Stretcher Resistance Bands

These finger resistance bands are great for fidgeting, but also provide an anti-arthritis hand and forearm workout. These ones from AllCare are made of BPA-free rubber, and cost $12 for a pack of three. These are especially great to play with while on work calls as they don’t make much noise but can still provide some focus.

Finger Stretcher Bands Courtesy of Amazon


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