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Daily Deal: Score a 5-Pack of Fidget Spinners for $9.99

* Multicolored five-pack of Fidget Spinners
* Great for ADD, ADHD, stress and anxiety
* Was: $45.99 | Now: $9.99

What could be better (or worse, depending on how you feel about them) than a brand new fidget spinner? Try five. What would make it better, regardless of how much you love or hate the latest fad toy? Getting that five pack for 78% off.

New Egg is offering that exact deal right now. Originally priced at $45.99, you can score this multicolored mix of Fidget Spinners for only $9.99. It comes with free shipping, too.

While the jury’s still out on how much a Fidget Spinner relieves the symptoms of ADD and ADHD or helps manage stress and anxiety, most people (with the obvious exception of teachers) agree that they’re pretty fun.

Speaking of educators, if your kid’s teacher keeps confiscating fidget spinners, this discounted value pack is a good way to minimize the cost of replacing them without actually addressing junior’s classroom disobedience.

Distracting, fun and more than a little addictive, Fidget Spinners are great for kids and adults of all ages. They are small enough to slip in your pocket and provide hours of entertainment. Snag this five-pack for party favors, too.

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