SPY Guide: Nail Your Job Interview With These 3 Courses

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* Learn how to nail every job interview
* Options for career neophytes and experienced pros
* All courses are only $15 for a limited time

Whether you’re a recent grad looking to land your first gig or a seasoned professional ready to take the next step, now is the time to build your job-landing skills. These courses from the online collective, Udemy, will help you do just that. Each comes with lifetime access, access via mobile or television, a 30-day money back guarantee and a certificate of completion. The best part? For a limited time they only cost $15 each, after which they’ll go back to the regular prices.

1. How to Get Hired – For Graduates

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If you’re a recent grad who’s looking for a job, wants to stand out from the crowd and has no idea how to do that, stop Google searching career tips and take this online course. Developed by a broad team of professional recruiters, “How to Get Hired – For Graduates” teaches you how to analyze your strengths, weaknesses and what kind of a job matches your personality. You’ll also learn how to build a professional brand, create an irresistible application and execute the interview so that you land the job of your dreams — all in 2.5 hours of on-demand video.


2. Job Interview Hacking: Your Career Beyond the CV/Resume

Job Interview Hacking: Your Career Beyond the CV/Resume Image from REX/Shutterstock

Developed by Eazl Publishing and Bay Area-based technology firm HoneIT, this course teaches you business communication, interview preparation and job search hacking. Through articles and one hour of on-demand video, you’ll walk away knowing how employers use interview series, so that you can work the system to your advantage, learn how to demonstrate your career agility, how to tell your story and how to answer tough questions.


3. Job Interview Hacks + Resume, LinkedIn & Salary Negotiation

Job Interview Hacks + Resume, LinkedIn & Salary Negotiation Image from REX/Shutterstock

Through five hours of on-demand video and seven supplemental resources, this course shows you how to master the job-hunt process, from building a great resume through the interview process and finally negotiating a salary. You’ll get the details on creating accomplishment lists, printed out sales scripts, QR code business cards, linked e-mail signatures and more. You’ll also — hopefully — finally land that dream job to start moving on up.

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