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So Dog-Gone Useful – The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

* Tracking device attaches to pet’s collar
* Be alerted when pet leaves your designated “whistle zone”
* Shock-resistant and waterproof

Do you own the Houdini of all dogs? A cat with a never ending desire to wander? With the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, you’ll never lose your beloved pet again.

The Whistle Pet Tracker, designed for animals 15 pounds and above, is a sleekly designed tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar (of 1” thickness or more), allowing you to locate your pet 24 hours a day.

Using sophisticated techniques which combine GPS and the national mobile network, this intelligent device will instantly inform you via text and email alerts should your animal leave your designated “whistle zone.” This ensures a prompt response and safe return of your missing pet. With nationwide coverage in the United States, you can rest assured that this tracker will keep your animal within reach.

The online desktop and mobile-compatible apps allow you to fully customize your pet’s whistle zone. In addition, you can monitor your pet’s health and activity using the additional information provided by your tracker. You’ll know when your four-legged friend needs more exercise, while keeping tabs on their daily interactions.

The shock resistant and waterproof tracker has a continuous 10-day battery life, for ultimate durability and performance. With a simple and intuitive set-up, all you need to do is attach the device to your dog’s collar and activate your service plan, which starts as low as $6.95 per month. An additional collar attachment and protective guard are available for more aggressive pets. With the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, you’ll rest easy that your four-legged best friend is safe and accounted for.   

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