Monkey Around: This Interactive “Pet” Is Your New Favorite Kids Toy

Fingerlings - Interactive Baby Monkey
Image courtesy Amazon

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* These finger toys interact with you
* They respond to your actions, even blowing kisses
* A great gift idea for kids

If you’ve ever wanted a pet monkey, now is your chance. This interactive Fingerling responds to sound, motion and touch by turning its head and blinking its eyes, among other actions. If you blow it a kiss, it blows one right back! Available in a variety of colors, each with its own name, their bright tufts of hair are an adorable finishing touch.

A great gift for kids, perhaps a starter before moving onto a live pet, or for the next birthday party they attend, these monkeys can be carried anywhere, as they just attach to your finger.

Equipped with 40 animations and sound effects, if you hang them upside down from their tale they goof around. You can send them to sleep by gently petting them, to which they respond with cooing sounds, or by cradling them in your hands.

You can buy multiple baby monkeys, and play with them all at once, or share them with friends. The possibilities–and the fun–are endless.

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