Fan Your Flames And Stay Warm With These Useful Fireplace Bellows

Style Selections Brown Wood Grain Color Wood
Courtesy of Lowes

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Rather than constantly throwing twigs in the fire or blowing on the flames of your fireplace or fire pit, make your life a little easier with an important tool: bellows. Bellows are devices made to push air out in a controlled and concentrated direction. While they’re sometimes used to inflate items, they push out air, further igniting flames and stoking them back to life when designed for a fireplace. Aim the nozzle at the base of the kindling with the dimming ember, and that will provide the extra air the flame needs to get roaring.

Back in the day, bellows were made from animal skin, and even today, you can find fireplace bellows made of leather. Usually, bellows have wooden handles with an expandable leather (or another heat-resistant material) body. These make for a classy, rustic and character-filled decor addition to any living room. You can even buy vintage bellows. When taken care of properly, they can last for centuries.

Additionally, you may want to consider buying a bellows with a more extended handle if you don’t want to bend or kneel frequently. Speed up your fire-stoking routine with the best fireplace bellows of the year.


1. Tosnail Fireplace Bellows


These faux leather, black wood bellow by Tosnails are ideal if you don’t like leather or the natural wood aesthetic and will fit in with most fireplace toolsets. They feature a high-volume air push design and can be hung anywhere around your hearth. If you’re sick of waving a paper plate or some other makeshift fan in front of your fire, this is probably your best bet. One shopper describes it as giving off a “robust” puff.

Tosnail Fireplace Bellows Courtesy of Amazon

2. Amagabeli Fireplace Bellows


This fire blower by Amagabelli is available in multiple sizes and features a black and brown style, and will get your fire roaring again. It’s built from faux leather and plyboard, with a zinc-cast nozzle. This attractive home accessory makes a classy gift for any homeowner with a fireplace, even if they don’t know they need it yet. It has a rustic yet timeless vibe, and if you’re worried about the faux leather, don’t worry — the wood and metal are both real.

Amagabeli Fireplace Bellows Courtesy of Amazon

3. Chimney Long John Bellows


These handmade bellows by Chimney feature leather trim and an extra-long handle, so even if you have a large fire indoors or outdoors, you can rest safely, knowing that this unique find will keep you away from sparks and smoke. Long-handled bellows also let you remain upright while using, without needing to kneel or bend as you would with regular bellows. Do your back and knees a favor and consider this unique find.

Chimney Long John Bellows Courtesy of Amazon

4. Zippo Firefast Bellows


Not all fire bellows are manual — stop wasting your energy and tiring out those arm muscles with the Zippo Firefast Bellows, which also kind of looks like a space-age weapon. Built-in fan vents and a fire retardant nozzle allow you to activate boosted airflow with the push of a button, rather than using traditional bellows. It is ideal for anyone with a wood stove or people who want to cut their fire-starting time down drastically.

Zippo Firefast Bellows Courtesy of Amazon

5. Copperfield Antique Pine Fireplace Bellows


If you love a vintage look, consider this antique pine fireplace bellows with a black suede trim by Copperfield Chimney Supply. One buyer expands on why it’s well worth the extra cost, commenting, “Appreciated the quality of this handsome well made bellows. With minimal effort, it fans a smoldering fire into a big blaze.” This bellow has character and instant heirloom quality – without needing to browse through a dusty antique shop.

Copperfield Antique Pine Fireplace Bellow Courtesy of Amazon

6. Style Selections Brown Wood Grain Color Wood Bellows


Consider this smaller and more affordable choice that’ll add fuel to your fire and won’t take up too much space in your home or apartment. Perfect for smaller fireplaces or if you don’t need too much power. One customer mentions that its small size was unexpected, but it actually made it easier to maneuver around their fireplace opening. It also makes the ultimate bellows for people with smaller hands who find standard bellows too big.

Style Selections Brown Wood Grain Color Wood Bellows Courtesy of Lowes

7. Terrapin Trading Ltd Moroccan Metal and Leather Fire-Making Bellows


Guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this Moroccan fire bellows, which can be hung on the wall. While it acts as a necessary fireplace accessory, it also adds to your home decor with its aged brown and gold appearance, studded with metal. If you can’t exactly travel to a bazaar in Morocco right now, do the next best thing to vacation and order these metal and leather bellows.

Terrapin Trading Ltd Moroccan Metal and Leather Fire-Making Bellows Courtesy of Etsy

8. Also Consider: VODA 4-Blade Heat Powered Fireplace Fan

While this might not make your flames roar, it’s an energy-efficient and fast way to circulate heat around a room. This electric blower allows for less consumption and works with any wood stove or log-burning fireplace. It operates silently, quickly making a cold room cozy without being noticeable. Spread the warmth with this heater hack rather than spending hours manually trying to stoke your fire.

VODA 4-Blade Heat Powered Fireplace Fan Courtesy of Amazon

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