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Keep the Fire Roaring With the Best Fireplace Tools

Nothing gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling on a chilly night like the orange spark of a fire. And while having a fireplace is definitely a decadent privilege for anybody, having a set of fireplace tools is essential. Along with keeping your fireplace clean and maintained, these accessories can help you use it more safely. Having a well-organized set also adds a more cohesive and attractive look to the room your fireplace is in.

Some of these kits only consist of tools and a simple stand, while others include firewood racks as well — the kind you choose will all depend on your particular set-up. While we focused mostly on fireplace toolkits, we also discovered some useful individual tools. Most of these fireplace tools are made from steel, wrought iron, cast iron, or brass, but if you use your fireplace daily, brass might not hold up over the years. Although it’s ideal in a decorative sense, brass is best for coal rather than logs if you want longevity.

Important tools include:

Tongs or a grabber: this lets you pick up pieces of wood and/or logs, rearranging them as needed.
Poker: With this tool, you stoke the fire, pushing logs around gently and shuffling embers in place, which reignites flames.
Brush: Brushes remove old ash and keep the fireplace clean

Read on to see our top picks for the most desirable fireplace tools right now.


1. Amagabeli Firewood Rack And Tool Set


This low-key four-piece fireplace tool set by Pleasant Hearth helps organize your hearth and looks good while doing so. It multi-tasks as a log holder that also holds a poker, tongs, brush, and shovel, all in a durable wrought iron material that has a vintage yet timeless look. It features an open rack to store logs, and a bottom shelf for paper or kindling, as well as side hooks for all the tools included with the kit.

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2. UniFlame Black Cast Iron 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set with Ball Handles


This cast iron kit complete with a log lifter and stand is easy on the eyes and does everything you need it to. Ergonomic ball handles provide better control, while the lack of a log rack allows you to maximize floor space. It’s extremely affordable for the quality and doesn’t require any installation, unlike more elaborate set-ups. Whether this kit is going indoors or outdoors, this equipment will get your fire up and running in no time.

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Courtesy of Home Depot

3. Mid Century Brass Tool Set


For a sophisticated look that guests will admire, consider this premium Pilgrim Home & Hearth Mid Century Brass tool set sold at Williams Sonoma, which is the priciest investment but also looks like a piece of art in any home. Unlike the traditional black iron finish, this handsome set made from stainless steel comes in a matte brass finish with a mid-century aesthetic — even the included broom is made of natural corn stalk fiber, with meticulous craftsmanship.

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Courtesy of West Elm

4. Mind Reader COOLFIRE4-SIL Stand-Alone Fire Place Set


If you don’t want to break the bank but do want to keep your fireplace setup clean and organized at a sensible price point, check out this four-piece standalone set by Mind Reader, which is made from steel and competitive with more expensive offerings available on the market. The look on this fireplace accessory set is sleek and slightly industrial, with a stainless steel handle and a wrought iron body. The steel accessory holder is also a statement look on its own, offering fantastic value.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Rocky Mountain Goods Firewood Tongs


Throwing logs into the fire is a hassle, and can even be dangerous with flying sparks and potential burns. These easy-to-handle tongs are extra strength and can handle thick logs, taking the headache out of getting your fire started. Unlike simpler tongs that come with sets, this log grabber “can handle a pretty big piece of wood in the fire” as one buyer puts it. They expand to a large size but collapse small when they’re not in use.

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6. INNO STAGE 5-Piece Stainless Steel Fireplace Tools Set


If wrought iron isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to stand out from the crowd in a modern way, consider this clean and modern-looking stainless steel kit by INNO STAGE, complete with a gift box. It’s more striking than traditional alternatives, and also more lightweight to use than wrought iron, with a less wobbly base. If you have any brushed nickel or steel accents in your home, this addition will help pull them together.

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Courtesy of Amazon

7. TJ.MOREE Fireplace Bellows


Keeping the fire going is no easy task, and if you’re sick of constantly scrunching up balls of newspaper, you can use a fireplace bellows instead. This wood fire blower bellows cleanly, pushing air through the nozzle and reducing the likelihood of smoke irritating your eyes. Keep it alongside the rest of your fireplace tools — you’ll also get use out of it with any campfire or barbecue grill. A fantastic housewarming gift for anyone with a fireplace.

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8. Pilgrim Home and Hearth 18039 Contemporary Fireplace Tool Set


If you want a beautiful fireplace toolset that will last, opt for this contemporary and high-quality set by reputable fireplace brand Pilgrim Home & Hearth. It will last through many generations, giving this set an heirloom quality. If your focus is finding a product that prioritizes craftsmanship over budget, this set is a must. The matte finish, well-built construction, and modern look earn this item high ratings across the board.

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9. Darby Home Co Syd 5-Piece Iron Fireplace Tool Set


This family-friendly riot of a fireplace tool set proves that elegance can be overrated. Get some laughs and spruce up your decor with Darby Home Co’s 5-Piece Iron Fireplace Tool Set which consists of a decorative knight with an ax stand on a stable base. All the included tools hang on the stand, and one customer calls it fun yet practical, commenting, “The whole family loves our knight in shining (not too shiny) armor and I’m sure your family and friends will too.”

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Courtesy of Wayfair

10. Arlmont & Co Kane Heavy Duty Log Grabber


If you’re not in need of a whole kit but want a heavy-duty log grabber so that you don’t need to lug your wood into the fire with your bare hands or adjust with flimsy tongs, purchase a grabber like this one. It features three gripping prongs and a rubber grip that offers a cooler touch. This is an essential fireplace tool to keep you safe (and free of splinters) while burning fires at home.

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Keep The Fire Roaring With These Top-Ranked Fireplace Tools