The Best Fireproof Document Safes Guard Against Theft, Natural Disasters & Acts of God

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As we continue to see an increase in natural disasters such as forest fires and flash floods destroying people’s homes, it has never been more important to ensure that your most valued documents and belongings are stored in a secure, fireproof document safe. By using a fireproof document safe in your home, you can have peace of mind knowing that the valuables inside will stay safe, even through intense forest fires and hurricanes like we’ve seen recently.

Fireproof document safes combine your need for a super-secure safe zone in your home together with the most advanced fireproof technology to ensure your documents and belongings remain untouched. They’re designed to withstand water hazards and any type of fire — even explosions! That’s right, while fireproof safes will obviously protect against heat and fire damage, the best fireproof document safes will also guard against floods and water damage.

When comparing document safes that are fireproof, there are a few things to consider.

    • Portability – If you needed to pick up the safe and carry it during an evacuation, would you be able to? This is especially important for seniors and those with mobility issues. Some document safes come with a handle for carrying, while others are much heavier and harder to lift.
    • Different SizesThere’s a wide range of fireproof safes available, including compact fireproof chests, folders for small items, portable document bags and also larger, more traditionally styled fireproof document safes.
    • Multiple Layers – Most fireproof document bags follow the multiple layer design to ensure that even if the outer material becomes slightly damaged by the fire, there’s plenty of back up layers to keep your documents and belongings out of harm’s way. Below, you’ll notice all of our top picks feature multiple layers, but you might find a few across the internet that don’t.
    • Non-Itchy Silicone – Just because they’re fireproof doesn’t mean they have to feel or look horrible! Most fireproof document safe bags are coated in non-itchy silicone for comfortable handling. When shopping for your safe, make sure it has such a coating.
    • UL Label – Across the industry, “fireproof” is not a regulated term, but in the United States, consumers can look for the UL label to ensure their safe meets the minimum recommendations as fireproof. If you can’t find the UL label on your safe, you may want to consider buying a different one.
    • 100% money-back guarantee – Due to the nature of a fireproof safe, most brands will ensure a lifetime warranty or anytime exchange if you’re at all unsatisfied with your purchase. We highly recommend purchasing a safe with such a guarantee.

When choosing the ideal fireproof document safe for you, it’s essential that it can protect against temperatures of up to at least 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Below we have selected our top nine fireproof documents safes available to purchase in 2020 before the next natural disaster strikes.


1. BLOKKD Fireproof Lock Box Document Bag


This BLOKKD fireproof safe bag ticks all the safety boxes and even looks great, too. Designed with quality craftsmanship, its portable strap and reinforced sturdy edges make this fireproof safe bag ideal for both on-the-move and home storage. It’s available in silver and black. It also has a strong metal zipper and velcro flap closure. Plus, the zippers can be locked together for extra security to keep any unwanted hands or hazards at bay.

document safe blokkd Image courtesy of Amazon


2. SentrySafe HD4100 Fireproof Safe


If you’re looking for a more traditional fireproof safe, then SentrySafe is the brand to know. This company makes a variety of affordable and highly rated fireproof document safes that will keep your most precious documents, photos and valuables safe even in an emergency. The HD4100 is fire and waterproof, UL Classified to endure 30 minutes at temperatures up to 1550 degrees. It’s also ETL certified to stand up tor 72 hours of total water submersion. Keep in mind that this document safe weights about 40 pounds, so it’s only a good option if you can lift and carry an object of that size.

best fireproof document safe Courtesy of Amazon


3. Kofair Large Fireproof Bag


If you’re on a budget but have a bunch of mixed items or some larger documents that you want to know are securely stored, ready for any ‘grab-and-go’ situation, the Kofair Large Fireproof bag has got you covered. As a brand, Kofair only produces fireproof bags with reinforced, tight-stitched seems to ensure total security. Engineered for rough handling and survival, this fireproof document bag is ready to protect your valuables no matter the hazard.

document safe kofair Image courtesy of Amazon


4. SentrySafe CHW20221 Fireproof Box and Waterproof Box


SentrySafe makes some of the best water and fireproof safes in the world, and the brand’s affordable options are always in high demand on sites like Amazon and The Home Depot. This lockbox won’t hold a lot of documents, but it has just enough room for your essential valuables. While it might be too compact for larger documents, it’s a great option for passports and other smaller items. Rated to stand up to both extreme heat and flooding, this is an affordable fireproof lockbox that will be easy to carry in an emergency situation.

sentrysafe fireproof lock box Courtesy of Amazon


5. Honeywell Fireproof Safe Chest


Good things come in small packages, and so some of your most valuable items probably don’t need a full-size fireproof bag or safe to keep them out of harm’s way. For the safekeeping of a few smaller belongings, such as money, jewelry, driving licenses and certain documents, the Honeywell Fireproof Safe Chest is an ideal option. With a hard exterior and key lock in place for privacy, this safe chest has been designed with the highest level of integrity to ensure the best quality, even in a small space. Best of all, this fireproof safe comes with a carrying handle so that it’s easy to pick up and carry during a sudden evacuation.

best fireproof document safes - honeywell Image courtesy of Amazon


6. The Good Stuff Fireproof Document Storage Bags


The clue’s in the name. This is “The Good Stuff” fireproof document bag. This is the bag of choice for any valuable document, photo, or qualification protection. It’s a safe storage solution for your documents that you can take absolutely anywhere using its easy-to-carry, extra strength handle. Supported by none other than nationwide TV stations CNN and CBS, there’s no doubt that The Good Stuff fireproof document storage bag is ready to protect and perform in any emergency situation.

document safe the good stuff Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Aitere 2500℉ Fireproof Bag


Can you handle the heat of this fireproof bag? Withstanding temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit is easy for the Aitere document safe bag. Because of this, it’s sure to protect your documents in even the hottest of heats. This style also includes a bonus pouch to store any smaller items, like jewelry or money, alongside your documents. You can rest easy knowing that the Aitere fireproof bag is protecting your belongings.

document safe aitere Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Honeywell Molded Fire Resistant Filing Chest Safe


Working from home is more common than ever, and the need for the safe storage of important documents at home comes with that. The Honeywell molded fire-resistant chest is ideal for the secure filing of important work documents in your home office. With both A4 and letter-size hanging file folders inside plus a solid, hazard-proof exterior, this fireproof chest is ideal for organizing and protecting your documents when disaster strikes.

document safe honeywell Image courtesy of The Home Depot


9. OXZOH Fireproof Bag with Lock


Of course, everyone in the family has something they want to keep safe, or equally, there’s something that you want to keep safe for everyone in the family! This set of fireproof bags from OXZOH ensures that you have enough storage options and sizes to keep all the family’s most valued possessions and documents safely stored. You can choose to either use the two smaller bags to travel with or, alternatively, as compartments within the bigger, more traditionally shaped fireproof bag. OXZOH uses an extremely thick outer layer to ensure that the set can withstand extreme conditions. Not only that but the largest back is affixed with a TSA-approved lock for total security.

document safe oxzoh Image courtesy of Amazon


10. SentrySafe SFW123DTB Fireproof Safe


This is the classic safe – the one we all think of in movies! This traditionally styled SentrySafe includes a dial combination and a secondary key for locking. Built to safeguard your belongings and documents, this UL classified fireproof safe can endure temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. The heavyweight design also enables the safe to stay solid, even if dropped from heights of up to 15 feet.

document safe sentrysafe Image courtesy of The Home Depot


11. MESA Fire Resistant Combination Fire Safe


Come rain, fire or intruders, this MESA Fire Resistant Combination Fire Safe is ready to protect your more treasured items. This fire-resistant safe includes high-strength shelves and has been tested in temperatures up to 1830°F and includes a two hour 350°F fire rating. With its attractive and sturdy steel exterior finish, durable construction and three live door bolts, this combination lock safe is a solid choice for those wanting to splurge on the best.

document safe mesa Image courtesy of The Home Depot


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