Moving Day: Everything You Need for Your First Apartment

first apartment checklist
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* Move into your first apartment without stress or worries
* Ultimate checklist of products that are essential for your new home
* Smoke detectors, space-saving decor and the best kitchen and cookware

You found an apartment, you signed the lease, you wrote the check — it’s official, you’re moving into your first apartment! You’re adulting like a boss and we couldn’t be more excited for you. To ensure your new place is everything you’ve dreamed it to be — from the best smoke detectors to must-own kitchen essentials — we’ve compiled a complete check list to help you settle into your new place with zero worries.


Smart Home Gadgets That Double as Decor


You’ve likely heard of the “Internet of Things” or “Smart Homes” before today. You’ve probably even seen or heard about a smart fridge, an app-controlled toaster oven, smart locks and, of course, color changing light bulbs, but a lot of those gadgets simply don’t match well with a stylish interior. Read on to discover the 7 smart home gadgets that merge style and function seamlessly.

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Beauty & Brains: 7 Stylish Smart Home Gadgets That Double as Decor


Environmentally Friendly Products That Will Help You Save


Looking to save money on utility bills with great, quality products? Check out this list of cool products that are not only good for the environment, but good for your home environment and wallet too. You’ll love these unique, price-friendly and eco-friendly devices. Another bonus?

Kasa Smart Wi-FI Plug by TP-Link Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

These 9 Products Will Have Your Utility Bills Thanking You


How to Host Overnight Guests Comfortably


Whether it’s a relative visiting for the weekend or dealing with a friend that’s too hungover from the night before to go home, we created a list of five overnight essentials that will ensure a happy and comfortable stay for your guest(s). See our selections in the link below.

Travel Sheet Sleep Sack MIFXIN Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of MIFXIN

How to Host Overnight Holiday Guests Comfortably


How to Add Storage to Any Room


Most of us aren’t blessed with a massive walk-in closet or a spare room to house our beloved shoe collection and other possessions we’ve accumulated over the years. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best space-saving solutions for your bedroom, bathroom — even under the bed — for anyone looking to expand their storage space and stay organized. Check these multifunction home items in the story linked below.

BedShelfie Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of BedShelfie

Space-Saving Solutions: The SPY Guide to Adding Storage to Every Room


The Best Instant Pot Alternatives for Multi-function Cooking


If you’re a fan of the phenomenon that is Instant Pot, we found some great options in a variety of price points. The products feature come complete with similar functions, such as programmable food choices, one-touch cooking and extensive safety options so all you have to do is choose the one that works best for you.

Gourmia Smart Pot Electric Digital Pressure Cooker Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Under Pressure: The 5 Best Instant Pot Alternatives For Multi-function Cooking


The Best Smoke Detectors


Did you know you’re supposed to replace your fire alarms every 10 years? According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are an estimated 358,500 home structure fires every year. Fact is, fire alarms detect smoke before you ever will, and, as a result, they save homes and lives. Here are several reliable options to make sure your home is properly protected.

First Alert BRK 9120BFF Smoke Alarm Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

Sound The Alarm: The 5 Best Smoke Detectors To Get Right Now


The Best Items to Have in Your Kitchen


Whether you fancy yourself a gourmet chef, or just want to whip up something quick and tasty, the ingredients you cook with will only take you so far. The other key to preparing a solid meal is to equip yourself — and your kitchen — with solid, reliable cooking devices. From a simple kettle to an 18-in-1 pressure cooker, we found three essential items you should have in your kitchen.

Strata Home Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Monoprice Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Monoprice

The 3 Items You Should Have In Your Kitchen (And Two You Should Get Anyway)


Products to Help You Move Furniture Without Breaking Your Back


Have a move planned in the near future? Are you helping your kids move into their college dorms this back to school season? Instead of paying top dollar for mediocre movers, consider lugging a few items yourself (without any injuries) with these helpful products. These four game-changing tools are sure to make any moving process — whether it’s a cross-country trek or a minor move down the street — much less painful.

HQD Direct Moving Straps Image courtesy of Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

4 Life-Saving Products to Help You Move Furniture Without Breaking Your Back