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There’s No Screwing Around With This Corkscrew Set

* Five-piece set includes essential, lever-style wine opener
* Perfect addition to any bar cart or wet bar
* Decorative wood box ready for easy gifting

Nothing ruins a moment more than having a bottle of wine you can’t quite open. The anticipation of pouring that first sip slowly fizzles out as you struggle with your grocery store-bought wine opener, tilting and twisting until you finally pull the cork out. You think you’re good to go until you realize all that struggling has corked your expensive wine. Nothing ruins a moment more than having a good bottle of wine that’s been corked.

It’s time to end your misery and invest in a good corkscrew set once and for all. This one features the “Connoisseur Corkscrew,” a metal, lever-style wine opener that removes the most difficult corks in one smooth stroke, utilizing a Teflon-coated screw mechanism. It’s heavy duty enough for even the toughest bottles, yet sleek and presentable, with a soft brushed nickel finish. Black rubber inserts in the handles help you keep your grip.

This five-piece set comes neatly packaged in a sturdy wood box and features the Connoisseur Corkscrew, a matching foil cutter to easily remove the metal capsule, a no-drip spout and a bottle stopper to keep things under wraps until your next glass. A replacement screw is also included in case you meet your match with your next Malbec.

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