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These Floating Display Shelves Are Must-Haves for Vinyl Lovers

Have a killer album collection that you’d like to put on display? We’ve got the perfect solution: a record display from KAIU.

This small business makes a variety of floating record display shelves, pop-open display frames, and handsome wooden record stands.

SPY editors certainly know a thing or two about music. We’ve even got a chat dedicated to new releases and music discussions. Many of us are collectors of physical albums — both new and vintage — and all agree that a proper display shelf or stand is a must-have when showcasing your vinyl. We consider them one of the best vinyl record storage hacks.

Whether you place it in your man cave, basement or on living room walls, a floating album display shelf provides a  way to share some of your favorite album covers with family and friends. With them, you’ll be able to treat your vinyl records like the works of art that they are. Use them as a permanent resting spot or display your “now playing” album while entertaining via the best Bluetooth record player. And now that there are so many places to buy vinyl records online, at some point, you’ll likely find yourself building a classic collection of tunes, even if it’s a small one.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a few of the best floating display shelves. They’re sure to make your albums a great conversation piece at your next gathering. Buy one for a treasured piece of vinyl, or purchase several and create a gallery wall of your entire collection.


KAIU Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount


Made of high-quality oak wood, this wall-mounted KAIU record shelf puts your albums on display for all to see. This sleek and streamlined design only needs screws to hang on your wall and comes with a plane that keeps it situated at the perfect viewing angle. For more ideas, check out our guide to the best floating bookshelves as well.

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KAIU Pop-Open Display Frames

These wooden vinyl record display frames fold open like a book, letting you display your favorite records from every angle.

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Courtesy of KAUI

KAIU Premium Vinyl Record Stand


If you prefer to showcase your albums on a desk or countertop, this KAIU record stand s just the thing for you. Made of solid wood, it offers a minimalist and compact design that allows you to display an album next to your record player as you listen to tunes. This high-quality record stand will look great in any room and is also the perfect gift for vinyl lovers of all ages.

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KAIU Vinyl Record Storage Holder


Got several vinyl records you need to store and display? The KAIU will do the trick. Made with durable, shatterproof acrylic, it holds up to 50 albums and features angled plates so you can flip through and view the entire collection. It is compact in size, takes up little counter space and looks great next to your record player.

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The Best Vinyl Record Storage Hacks for Your Home