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Finally, a Standing Desk That Goes Wherever You Want It To

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The standing desk and the portable workspace are two of today’s hottest job trends. Now there’s an incredible way to combine them both. The DeskView Portable Standing Desk can be installed on any tempered glass surface 1/4 inch or thicker in under 10 seconds, and taken down and moved just as quickly, wherever you want, and as many times as you need.

The standing desk is said to increase concentration, as well as improve core strength and spinal-disk health. It also reduces eye strain and optimizes breathing when compared to those who work sitting down. And the mental benefits of a desk with a view are obvious, especially compared to a mid-office cube with a view of other cubes.

But most standing desks need another desk to stand on. The DeskView is — finally — an on-demand, fully standalone, standing workstation that goes wherever you do!

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Creators Jason Grohowski and Mike Bolos put their invention to the ultimate test — a visit to Shark Tank — and came away with an investment from Shark Kevin O’Leary! It will take you no time at all to see what Kevin was thinking when he bought into this amazing invention. The DeskView Portable Standing Desk is a true game changer.

The DeskView is made with aerospace-grade aluminum brackets and ships fully assembled with quick-connect instructions. Its industrial-grade suction discs hold up to 40 pounds, and no matter how long you leave it on a surface, it leaves no marks. The discs are guaranteed for life!

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The gig economy takes enterprising workers many places — airports, hotels, shared workspaces. Many come with space limitations, and most standing desks are anything but portable. At a mere seven pounds, the DeskView is completely and easily taken on the go. It can be taken down every day or left up for months or even years, as a workstation or even as a great modern-looking shelf for anything 40 pounds and under.

The polished acrylic work surface, which comes in clear, white, or bamboo finishes, is 24-inches wide, which is plenty of space for your laptop, phone, notebook — whatever you need to get through the workday.

A desk with a view is just one attractive option for the DeskView. Internal glass walls are another, along with glass-backed whiteboards, giving you flexibility for placement and optimal usage.

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Courtesy of Amazon

DeskView is intended to be used on 1/4-inch or thicker standard, commercial/residential high-rise windows. Most modern high-rises and commercial buildings use 1/4-inch tempered glass for their exterior windows and 1/2-inch tempered glass for internal glass walls. DeskView is perfect for such windows and walls. Be cautious if you plan to use DeskView in a house, as windows at home can be up to four times thinner, and not able to withstand the suction force exerted by DeskView’s industrial grade suction discs or the load force when objects are placed on DeskView. DeskView will not mount on etched glass or non-glass surfaces.

Installs fast, holds strong, light and fully portable — the DeskView is truly the ultimate portable standing desk!