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The 10 Best Flower Subscription Services Will Keep Your Home in Bloom All Year Long

If you want to naturally boost your mood and improve your mental alertness, memory retention, and concentration, it may be time to bring the outside in. Studie shave shown that keeping indoor plants, including flowers, in your home or office can help create a positive work environment and stimulate the senses and mind. Plus, they look and smell great. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add plants to your space? With a flower subscription service such as UrbanStems, BloomsyBox or The Sill.

Like most monthly subscriptiion boxes, a flower subscription offers major monetary benefits for anyone that loves fresh flowers. Many companies typically offer free delivery with a subscription, and we found that savings range from 15 to 25 percent compared to one-time online flower delivery. Flower subscriptions also help to save time, eliminating the need to visit a florist for special occasions. Plus, these services can be a great extra-thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day gift.

Now only are the best flower subscription services great gifts for women, but they’re also a smart idea for small business owners who want to create a welcoming environment for customers. Some of the companies we profiled below also allow customers to change their order size, specifications and even delivery address as needed, making it possible to send flowers to different loved ones for birthdays and special events while still enjoying the monetary benefits of a subscription.

Whether you want to add chocolates to your monthly delivery, prefer bright colors over subdued hues, or want something that is animal-friendly, there’s a flower subscription for you. Check out our top picks below.

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1. UrbanStems


UrbanStems has a large inventory of flowers for one-off orders, and they also offer three subscription options. Customers can choose The Classic for $55 per order, which includes a vase for the first order; The Seasonal for $75 per order, which includes a vase and candle for the first order; or the Luxe for $105 per order, which includes a candle for the first order and a vase with each order. Flowers can be ordered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and paid for in lump sums or on an ongoing basis. Each subscription includes free delivery and up to 25 percent in savings.

Urban Stems has a great inventory, and you can choose from seasonal flowers, a Kate Spade collection of vases, and even dried flowers.

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Courtesy of UrbanStems

2. FlowerFix


FlowerFix offers customers several ways to get their, well, flower fix. Customers can choose from a variety of subscription options under the company’s traditional model, which offers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries of flower arrangements, DIY flower boxes, a premium rose subscription or a wreath subscription (monthly only). The company often changes its designs and customers can also choose from a huge variety of DIY Flower Classes that will help them learn about the art and science of floral arrangement.

SPY received a sample bouquet from FlowerFix recently and we were impressed by the beauty and quality of the flowers. We also appreciated that the company could make deliveries even with no one home, and we liked their customer service, which included being able to pick any day for delivery and receiving shipping updates via text.

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Courtesy of FlowerFix

3. The Bouqs Co.


Want to save money on floral deliveries and enjoy flexibility? Then check out The Bouqs Co. and their budget-friendly flower subscription. The company offers affordable options, including the Original at $40.00 per delivery, the Deluxe at $52.00 per delivery and the Grand at $65.00 per delivery. Deliveries can be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly, and customers also save the $25 shipping fee when purchasing a subscription. Not only does The Bouqs Co. offer some of the most affordable options we’ve found, but their subscription service is also extremely flexible. Customers can choose any blooms from the company’s exclusive collection, switch delivery dates or bouquet sizes, and even change delivery addresses for each order, making it easy to send gifts and still benefit from a subscription discount. The company also allows customers to pause their subscription for up to three deliveries without having to cancel.

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Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.


4. 1-800-Flowers


Contrary to its name, 1-800-Flowers offers much more than just flowers. The site is a one-stop-shop for all types of gifts, including gift baskets, chocolates, plants, and, yes, flowers. Customers looking for the best flower subscription services have several options with 1-800-Flowers, and you can enjoy up to 15% in savings by signing up. It’s also easy to customize subscriptions to just about any budget and frequency. Want to receive two dozen roses twice per month or half a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries every eight weeks? You can do that with 1-800-Flowers.

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Courtesy of 1-800-Flowers

5. BloomsyBox New York Botanical Garden Subscription


BloomsyBox boasts one of the more affordable floral subscription monthly options, including the Original at $44.99 per month, the Deluxe at $49.99 per month and the Premium at $54.99 per month. There are also weekly and bi-weekly options, a monthly Roses subscription, a monthly Plant subscription, a monthly Eucalyptus subscription, and even a subscription for pet-safe plants and flowers. The company’s wide range of options also includes the unique New York Botanical Garden subscription. For $69.99 per month, customers receive hand-crafted bouquets inspired by the NYBG. A percentage of each purchase is donated to the NYBG to help continue their work in plant science and conservation.

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Courtesy of BloomsyBox

6. FTD Gold


If you’re not looking for a reoccurring floral subscription but still want something that offers perks for frequent ordering, check out FTD Gold. The company offers a $30.00 yearly membership for their Gold system, which includes free standard shipping, no service fees, reduced rates for same-day service and shipping fees, exclusive offers, promotions and early access to new products and collections. The membership to the Gold system works with all FTD Gold products, which in addition to floral arrangements also includes plants and food gifts. FTD Gold works with florists all over the country, so it’s also a great way to support local and small businesses.

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Courtesy of FTD Gold

7. Flowerbx


If you prefer the look of a bouquet that focuses on one single type of flower, then Flowerbx is for you. The company offers three subscription levels, including the Tulip for $75 per delivery, the Classic for $75 per delivery, and the Premium for $120 per delivery. The Tulip is exactly what it sounds like — a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly delivery of tulip bouquets. As for the Classic and Premium, customers will get bouquets of in-season flowers and each bouquet will feature one type of flower in particular. Enjoy roses in the winter, calla lilies in the spring, dahlias in the summer, and hydrangeas in the fall. Each subscription model includes free delivery and the first order comes with a complimentary Flowerbx vase.

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Courtesy of Flowerbx

8. Farmgirl Flowers


A flower subscription is a beautiful way to add some nature to your home or office and you can keep the green theme going with Farmgirl Flowers. The company uses biodegradable burlap sacks when wrapping the stems of their floral arrangements. There are three subscription sizes, including Fun Size at $59.00 per delivery, Just Wright at $79.00, and Big Love at $99.00 per delivery. Customers can choose whether they want their delivery to be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and all the flowers arrive beautifully arranged in a front-facing bouquet with decorative foliage.

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Courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers

9. The Sill


Looking for more greenery in your home? If florals aren’t your fave, then check out The Sill, which has two subscription options for plant lovers. The company offers the Classic Plant Subscription starting at $50.00 per month for a 5” plant or $60.00 per month for a 7” plant. For an extra $5, customers can choose the Pet-Friendly plant subscription that includes non-toxic plants. Both the Classic and Plant Friendly easy-care plants arrive in an earthenware planter and customers can choose either a black or cream finish.

We’ve previously named The Sill one of the best places to buy succulents and indoor plants online, and we’re big fans of this company’s selection, prices and customer services.

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Courtesy of The Sill

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