We Love This Bed: Meet Floyd, the Modular, Moveable and Expandable Bed Frame

floyd platform bed
Courtesy of Floyd

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Update: This review was originally published on February 15, 2020. We’ve updated our original post to include new information and additional accessories for the Floyd platform bed.

So you need to move a new bed into your new apartment? Or you’re moving and bringing your existing bed with you? Good luck and eat your Wheaties, because frankly we’d rather move couches all day than have to wrestle with a bedframe, and don’t even get us started on moving a freaking boxspring in or out of a tight little apartment or small house.

Let us introduce you to your new best friend, Floyd. More specifically, the Floyd platform bed. Floyd is completely modular, easily assembled and disassembled without tools, comfy like crazy and looks terrific in your bedroom.

Since launching in 2015, Detroit-based Floyd’s platform bed has gained something of a cult following for its minimalist design and packaging, and its commitment to putting an end to disposable furniture. The Floyd bed is meant to be built, unbuilt, and moved with total ease, with modular replacement parts to ensure the bed will stay with you for as long as possible. And the panel-based construction means you can change the frame from a twin to a queen or king (she’s moving in!) or back (she’s moving out!), as many times as needed.

Now that it’s an in-demand furniture brand, Floyd has taken its simple platform bed frame and added offerings for an optional headboard, under-bed storage, and now the Floyd mattress (see below). More recently, we reviewed the Floyd Standing Desk, which we’ve named the best standing desk for remote workers. The entire line is manufactured in Floyd’s Virginia and Pennsylvania factories. On top of that, all of Floyd’s furniture is made with its signature ethos — create products that are thoughtful, high quality and built to last.

Floyd bed review Courtesy of Floyd

Floyd platform bed reviews Courtesy of Floyd


What Makes the Floyd Platform Bed So Unique

The quality, of course, is the most important thing. Cute and popular aren’t good for much in the landfill, but Floyd’s wood panels are made from real birch wood, with a proprietary honeycomb core design which makes them lightweight and easy to move, along with being CARB-2 environmentally certified. And while most furniture comes in a box with dozens of parts and countless little screws, the Floyd Bed was specifically designed to be easy to both assemble and disassemble. Seriously, it’s insanely easy to put together.

Construction and deconstruction could not be easier. The panels are held together firmly with supplied ratcheting straps, and the entire structure is held up by sturdy, one-piece steel legs. The entire bed is totally modular, so if by chance something breaks (unlikely) or you lose a piece in a move (far more likely), you can easily replace every part directly from Floyd. Best of all, absolutely no tools, no drills and no busted knuckles are required to assemble this bed. You can go from box to bed with astounding ease.

In addition, we love the modern aesthetic of the Floyd bed. When you buy the headboard and the bed frame, the full effect is a minimalist piece of furniture that will blend in perfectly in both urban lofts and country retreats. If you opt for the under-bed storage, you also have a convenient place to stash extra linens.

floyd platform bed Courtesy of Floyd

The Floyd mattress may be one of many new bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market, but it’s a worthy replacement to your current mattress. It has 1,000 pocketed coils for zoned support, a thick foam layer covered by a soft Tencel top cover, a non-skid knit on the bottom to ensure it doesn’t slide off the wood panels and great temperature regulation. And the platform frame means no box spring necessary. For smaller domiciles, the low profile is a great space-saver. The mattress is 10 inches high and the Floyd bed frame has a 7.25-inch platform. That still leaves enough space for under-bed storage.

There’s only one thing we don’t love about the Floyd modular bed. The $750 base price doesn’t include the wood headboard seen in the pictures above, which is a bummer. Buying the bed frame and the headboard increases the price to $990.

Even so, the prices for the Floyd platform beds are super competitive, and Floyd offers both 30-day free returns and a 10-year bed frame warranty. It’s no wonder that since its 2013 launch, Floyd products have entered the homes of more than 30,000 customers. This bed is also featured like crazy all over social media.

To put it simply, we love this bed, and we think you will, too.

floyd-bed-reviews Courtesy of Floyd


More From Floyd…

Floyd is one of the Spy team’s favorite furniture companies thanks to the brand’s stylish designs and commitment to sustainability. Simply put, if you’re looking for high-quality furniture that’s built to last — but you also want it to look really cool in your Instagram feed — it’s hard to beat Floyd.

Since we originally published this review we’ve fallen in love with additional Floyd products, and we wanted to share some of our favorites below.

Floyd Standing Desk

We’re big fans of this standing desk, which combines a modern minimalist aesthetic with heavy-duty construction. The electric left is easy to operate and lets you enjoy this workstation standing or sitting. The steel frame will easily hold all of your computer equipment, lamps and notebooks, but it’s still lightweight enough that it’s easy to move around your home when needed.

Floyd Standing Desk Courtesy of Floyd


Under-Bed Storage

Get the most out of your new platform bed with this clever under-bed storage system, also from Floyd. It’s the perfect place to stash extra linens and blankets.

floyd under bed storage from Floyd Courtesy of Floyd


The Floyd Shelving System

Like all of Floyd’s products, the shelving system has a certain look. These shelving units are unpretentious yet stylish. The best part? You can buy additional shelves to expand these units as needed, making it easy to design the perfect storage setup for your home or apartment. There are tall and short expansion systems, so you can stack all the way to the ceiling or keep it low to the ground as best suits your sense of style and needs.

floyd the shelving system Courtesy of Floyd


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