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We Did It, We Found the Perfect Desk for Your Home Office

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It’s time to get real for a second: it seems that at this point, some of us will be working from home indefinitely. Here in Brooklyn, we’re coming up on our 1-year anniversary of working from home full-time. And with thousands of jobs lost in the past 11 months due to the coronavirus outbreak, people eager for work are taking on jobs in cities hundreds or thousands of miles away as remote employees. Not only that, some companies are even choosing to close their offices permanently to continue a remote working lifestyle for all employees.

This all means one thing: if you still haven’t taken the time to ditch that couch and coffee table work setup you created for yourself last March, it’s time. However, you may have found that finding a good desk online is a lot harder than it should be. It’s not that there’s a lack of good options, but rather that there are too many options. Finding the best home office desks requires sifting through countless desks that all look the same, and most of which are made from low-quality composite materials.

However, after looking at practically every desk the internet has to offer, we’ve finally found our new desk. Best of all, it comes from one of our favorite furniture companies, Floyd.

The Standing Desk by Floyd is the desk you’ve been looking for. Floyd is a Detroit-based startup that launched from a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and the furniture brand has cultivated a cult following. We’ve reviewed the company’s modular Platform Bed, and it’s proven to be a popular product among Spy’s readers.

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Floyd makes exquisitely designed furniture that’s built to last, with a sustainable ethos that sets it apart from most furniture companies.

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Courtesy of Floyd

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Courtesy of Floyd


The Floyd Standing Desk Is Here, and It’s Awesome

There are so many desks to choose from, ranging anywhere from small desks to ladder desks. But since you’ve waited this long to select your new workstation, go above and beyond the WFH desk of your dreams with the Floyd Standing Desk — the modern, modular must-have desk of tomorrow.

Using nothing but high-quality materials, the Floyd Standing Desk joins a steel Jarvis frame, real birch ply and all-natural linoleum to provide a beautiful, well-crafted desk that can withstand endless hours of consistent use. It can lift and hold up to 350 lbs with total ease due to its heavy steel feet and frame. You could even crawl on top and take a nap, if you so please.

Each desk is complete with an OLED touch programmable handset that raises and lowers the desk to your desired height. This allows choices upon choices, so even though it’s called the Standing Desk, feel free to sit the day away or go back and forth depending on how your body’s feeling.

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Courtesy of Floyd

For those of you worried about saving space, don’t. This desk is only 54-inches wide so it can easily squeeze in most modern apartments and house interiors. Though it’s not as large as your boss’s in-office executive desk, it still has more than enough tabletop space for your monitor, laptop and even a cute, decorative plant. Because, duh, you can’t have a WFH desk without a succulent or tchotchke you can talk to when you get bored.

The Floyd Standing Desk comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from depending on your interior design preferences, so don’t stress about color. Floyd has it covered. To make you feel more at ease, Floyd also has a 30-day return policy and a solid 10-year warranty on each desk.

Yeah, they’re that sure this will be the last desk you’ll ever have to purchase, which more than justifies the price tag.

If you are looking to change the way you work from home, you can snag the Standing Desk right now for $895. For some that might sound a bit pricey, but once you give this desk a whirl, you’ll understand that every penny spent was worth it. Time to get back on your daily grind.

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Image courtesy of Floyd