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Review: FluidStance’s Springboard Mat Offers an Attractive Eco-Conscious Alternative To Rubber Mats

When I began working from home nearly 10 years ago, my body quickly reacted negatively. Not being stuck in traffic every day for two hours was great, but I found that it was very easy to spend the entire day sitting. My once impressive daily step counts were impressive no more, and I quickly began feeling new pains in my butt, thighs and lower back. I needed to get standing again.

I invested in a standing desk and immediately felt the benefits, but also the drawbacks. Now the pain had shifted to my feet due to standing on my tile floor all day. I don’t do shoes indoors, so sneakers weren’t an option. I purchased a basic anti-fatigue rubber standing mat for $60, and my body quickly thanked me. It’s non-slip, comfortable to stand on barefoot, it’s easy to clean and hasn’t shown any wear or tear after years of regular use. So, when FluidStance announced their new Springboard Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat, I was intrigued to see whether it was worth replacing my tried and true budget mat with a pricey alternative.


What is The Springboard?

We are big fans of FluidStance at SPY and have previously reviewed their Slope Personal Whiteboard, Lift Laptop Stand and Balance Board. The company makes high-end office accessories that are useful, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and designed with an eco-conscious approach. The Springboard Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat hits all those points. Plus, like everything FluidStance makes, no assembly is required. There’s an air high-five coming your way, FluidStance.

The Springboard is a cross between FluidStance’s popular balance boards and a traditional anti-fatigue standing mat. A balance board is designed to help users strengthen their muscles, burn calories and improve their balance during workouts or when used at a standing desk. An anti-fatigue standing mat provides a supportive and cushioned area for users to stand for extended periods, like when using a standing desk or washing dishes. The Springboard takes much less work to stand on than a balance board and has less cushion than an anti-fatigue mat.

  • Materials: Five-ply wood laser cut top, natural wool felt and recycled rubber (no-slip-grip bottom)
  • Weight Limit: 250 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.5″ long x 20″ wide x 1.25″ tall
  • Item Weight: 3.4 pounds
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Courtesy of FluidStance

Best Features of The FluidStance Springboard

The first thing anyone will notice about the FluidStance Springboard is that it looks much cooler than a typical anti-fatigue mat. The laser-cut wood is designed to put a little pep in your step stand and give the board some spring. There is a slight bounce, which I like. I also like that the wood kept my feet cooler than my old rubber mat. Sweaty feet people, IYKYK.

The FluidStance Springboard offers a more supportive base than a traditional anti-fatigue mat. My heels often feel like they’re sinking on my rubber mat, which I don’t find with the Springboard. When I shift my weight from one foot to the other on the Springboard, my weight feels evenly dispersed, which is not the case with my rubber mat.

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Courtesy of Allison Bowsher |

The Springboard has a relatively small footprint, which is another plus. Anti-fatigue mats come in a variety of sizes, but most are around 36” long, which can be difficult to store when not in use. The Springboard is also much lighter than FluidStance’s balance boards, which I liked since I could easily store it vertically when not in use without worrying about it crashing down.

If you do use a balance board, it can be paired with the Springboard, which was another plus. I prefer using my FluidStance balance board on top of the Springboard. It feels more secure and smooth compared to when I use it on my tile floor.

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Courtesy of Allison Bowhser |

Downsides to The Springboard

The FluidStance Springboard has a big price tag. Customers get a product made responsibly and built to last, but $179 is pricey for items like this.

Also, if you’re looking for an anti-fatigue mat that offers the same immediate feeling of comfort and cushion as a traditional rubber anti-fatigue mat, this isn’t it. The Springboard is much more about support and I didn’t get the same cloud-like feeling that I get on my old rubber mat. Is more support better for my body? Yes, but sometimes you want a tiny pillow for your tootsies.


Verdict: Should You Buy The Springboard?

Yes, if you’ve got a higher-end office accessory budget and can’t decide between a balance board or an anti-fatigue mat.

As with all FluidStance products, the company offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects for the Springboard, which means this can be the last anti-fatigue mat you buy. To quote their website, “We build our products to last, that’s why we guarantee them for life. Should you ever have any manufacturing defects, let us know and we will repair or replace for free. It’s that simple.”

FluidStance has built the Springboard to be eco-conscious, using recycled and sustainable materials instead of petroleum-based rubber found in most anti-fatigue mats. These factors all help to justify the higher price of the Springboard.

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Courtesy of FluidStance

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